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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Closed Circuit Review

Yes 'they' do!

Closed Circuit Review – Have you ever wondered ‘who’ is ‘watching’ you whenever you come across a CCTV? Do you make funny faces when you see one because I tend to do that sometimes just to entertain the ‘person’ watching me! Hehehe…anyways too much surveillance is not good as it might just backfire. You never know who might take advantage and use it against you.
Say 'hi' to the camera!
The story begins when a bomb goes off at the busy borough in UK and in a world post 9/11 guess who gets blamed? Of course a Turkish migrant suspected of drug dealing and involved in a terrorist cell is there and gets locked up while top barrister is appointed to represent him. However, this lawyer suddenly dies under a suspicious circumstances and that’s when Martin Rose (Eric Bana) steps in to take over in open court while Claudia Simmons-Howe (by Rebecca Hall) gets selected by the Attorney General (to argue in closed court). These two lawyers were involved romantically before they cross path again in this case. Both of them try to figure out what actually happened to prove their client’s innocence but instead get tangled in a conspiracy bigger than the bombing incident itself. Their lives were put in danger as they get closer to the truth.
All they want is to find the truth...
There’s not much action sequence in this flick but the storyline is very intriguing, for me at least because I work in a legal firm maaaaaa…you get to witness how those with authority use and abuse their ‘power’ for the benefit of some and cover up their blunder. The Brit accent used throughout this film made it even more interesting. Eric Bana was in his usual demure trying to connect the dots while Rebecca Hall also did a decent job. Both of them carried the movie and kept it interesting. The rest of the cast helped to make the movie more interesting.
The cast...
The story is very relatable with recent events around the world, heck…leave rest of the world aside. It’s more relevant with what’s going on in our own backyard (think of current cases such as Althanthuya, Teoh Beng Hock, death in police custody, the shooting spree…you get what I mean?) It’s kinda scary to think what some corrupt cronies would do to save their live. Innocent people become victims for the sake of a few. We can only hope that there are some honest individuals left to uphold justice and bring the REAL CRIMINALS to face their crime. Till then be vary of who is watching you thru the CCTV!   

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