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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Growns Up 2 Review

The gang is back!!!

Growns Up 2 Review – Hahaha hehehe kekeke (translation…get ready to laugh your butt out!) Say what you want but Adam Sandler makes fugly look good. This is a guy who gives hope to all regular Joe’s out there that you don’t have to look drop dead handsome to be successful. Remember, beauty fades away but sense of humor stays till…well, it never fades away aculi and here’s a bonus ‘pick up’ method according to Lenny Feder (Adam Sandler)…first…make a girl smile, second…tell her, her smile is beautiful…third…ask her out on a date at THAT moment before she comes to her senses! Boom! That’s what happened! (You will get this line after you have watched the movie!)
Kekeke....nice hair guys!!!
The story picks up where it left. Lenny moves with his family from Hollywood back to his hometown where his childhood friends consisting of Eric (Kevin James), Kurt (Chris Rock), Marcus (David Spade), (suspiciously Rob played by Rob Schneider have gone missing) have all become full blast family man with their own headaches such as their son getting bullied, letting their daughter go on her first date, son asking his crush on a date, meeting a teenage son that never knew existed. However, when they meet, everything else is forgotten! They have fun the old school way…think putting your friend inside a tayar and let him roll down the hill, jumping off cliff and other crazy antics. Along the way they meet the ‘new’ generation pumped up on steroids and don’t really respect the ‘older’ generation. Misunderstanding happens and the rowdy youngsters learn their lesson.
Attack of the 80's!!!
Just like other Adam comedies, this flick is packed with loads of funny, silly, stupid, fart, vomit, crap, Moose jokes and scenes. Some are really nasty but most will make you laugh giler-giler (At least I did that!). If you didn’t laugh one bit at this movie…then…I don’t know my friend, you might need to reduce your stress level and learn to chill. The cast play their characters effortlessly and makes you feel like you are part of their family and friend circle. Kevin, Chris and David did their usual hilarious side kick roles pretty well. Guest appearances such as Taylor ‘Twilight’ Laudner, Milo ‘in-blonde-hair’ Ventimiglia, Shaq O’Neal and others add more color to the movie. One complain, the ladies however didn’t get to shine as much as the predecessor except for Salma Hayek, that Latina is so damn hot for a 40++ year old! Adam sure knows how to pick his leading ladies.
Growing up doesn't mean getting old!
Overall it’s a feel good movie to enjoy with your friends, new or old ones but it will surely crack you up here and there. I left the cinema feeling a like ‘Happy Madison’ because I feel this was better than the first one. Heck, I’m still laughing thinking about the movie and might just go for a second watch. I’m looking forward to the sequel because get this… Roxanne (Salma) is pregnant with their 4th kid! Jeng jeng jeng…stay tuned…

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