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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Malavita Review

No Ordinary Family this one!

Malavita Review – Hmm…after Killing Season almost ‘killed’ me with its non-existing plot, I was willing to go against the odds to pick another Robert DeNiro movie over Prisoners starring Hugh Jackman….wise choice? ermm…let me watch Prisoners dulu then I lechu know okies. In the meantime, the trailer for this flick was done rather interestingly with glimpse of Michelle Pfeiffer, Dianna Agron and Tommy Lee Jones, the movie however…well…that’s another story altogether though.
They got each other's back!
The story starts off with the Manzonis family moving for the untempt time from being hunted down by group of ruthless mafias. Fred Blake (Robert) was a former mafia-member-turned-informer under witness protection plan overseen by Agent Stansfield (Tommy). Fred can’t seem to kick his old habit of ‘whacking’ people which always gets the rest on the family into trouble. His wife, Maggie (Michelle) is no angel herself with some ‘explosive’ personality as well. Their daughter Belle (Diana) and son Warren (John D'Leo) are also in league of their own. They have to learn how to adapt to new environment whenever they have to move. The Manzonis ‘cheats’ death every single time they are so close to meet the Maker. Some innocent ‘victims’ unfortunately become collateral damage.
Get ready for some 'explosives'!
Acting wise, Robert was good with his usual Italian mafia demure trying to adjust life as an ordinary guy. He sure got loads of anger management issue to deal with. Meanwhile, Michelle played his side kick trying to keep the family from falling apart pretty well herself. Diana did no singing but there was touch of Quinn (Glee) in her character while ‘her’ brother was very street wise for a high school boy. Tommy also in his usual dead-pan look trying to keep the family from getting whacked. The rest of the quite French people gave the movie a slight…well…French feeling.
Don't let the 'picture' fool you!
It was pretty entertaining watch but for me the trailer was way better than the actual film. That appears to be the case for most shows these days unfortunately. They seem to focus more on the trailer compared to the end result, but don’t take my word for it. It still is somewhat might worth your time and money to invest in the name of getting away from reality for a bit. 

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