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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Internship Review

Aik...why the mirror looks so different ah?

The Internship Review – I have a friend whom if you ask her anything, her answer will be ‘Google lar’. Memang annoying when I get that reply but she has a point. Heck, the word search is slowly being replaced by Google as well kan? However, have you ever wondered how on Earth does Google ‘knows-it-all’? Here’s a clue…watch this movie on what goes on behind the scene that made Google as big as it is today. Besides that we get witness how ‘brutal’ internship processes are to land a job at this Search Engine Giant.
Old + Young
Billy (Vince Vaughn) and Nick (Owen Wilson) are top salesman (they can sell ice to Eskimo’s!) but unfortunately in the ever expanding virtual shopping world they lose their job. Here we have two middle aged man with no computer knowledge trying to figure out their next move. Billy somehow stumble upon an online interview with people from Google and decides to take a chance to be Google’s new recruits. Only when they step inside the main podium, they realize how backward they have been and try to adjust with the new environment. Billy and Nick join team of ‘young blood’ and they learn new tricks of the IT trade and teach the ‘kids’ about living outside of their cubicle. It’s no brain wrecking process to think how this story ends.
Meet the underdogs
Owen and Vince have developed a strong bro-mance chemistry since ‘Wedding Crashers’ and this time they expand their role as ‘big brother’ to their team mates. Their acting is nothing to shout about but gives you a warm feeling knowing that your friend got your back just like you got his back. The rest of the cast helped to add variety of flick. Some are downright rude you feel like giving them one tight slap! While others are nerves wrecks trying to come up top of the intake.
You gotta watch the movie to understand this picture! ;)
I could relate to the story because I’m at an age where I’m thinking if I should remain where I’m now or move on to other things. If you never try, you never know right? So maybe, just maybe this movie has ‘inspired’ me to make my own move. Perhaps it might encourage you to ‘go for’ what you really want as well. Overall it’s a light entertainment and free advertising for Google to rack in more money.   

Thank you hot magazine for the preview tickets! 

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