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Monday, 4 January 2016

Dilwale Review

Reunited once again. 
Dilwale Review – Bollywood’s golden couple, Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan reunites once again. (*que happy scream!) 
The past and present? 
Raj (SRK) is son of a Don who is involved in criminal activities and rival with another mobster. Raj unintentionally falls in love with Meera (drop dead gorgeous Kajol) and soon finds out the truth about her. Many years later, their path crosses when their brother and sister respectively fall in love with each other. How will this new turn of event change things between Raj and Meera? Will they remain the way are or can love finally triumph over hatred? 
Will there be a happy ending?
I forgot about everything else the moment Kajol showed up on screen. The lousy storyline, the cheesy comedy lines, the long fight sequence, everything else. Kajol’s super stunning beauty after all these years made Dilwale bearable to watch. 
Hye mere pyar..... 
Did I mention how beauty Kajol looked in this flick? Yearp, I rest my case. Kajol. Just Kajol!  


  1. Tak best ek citer dia?
    Baru berangan nak g tengok

  2. Cite biasa je tapi bab lagu shooting kat obersea tu sungguh menariks and Kajol....fuh....bole kojol tgk kelawaan dia.