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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Bajirao Mastani Review

All is fair in love and war or is it really?  
Bajirao Mastani Review – Sanjay Leela Bhansali helms as co-writer, producer and director as well as music composer for his latest magnificent offering.
Bajirao ready for battle
Banjirao (Ranveer Singh) is elected as the new Peshwa (modern times equivalent of Prime Minister) for the Maratha Empire. While battling their enemies, he comes across a messenger who seeks his army’s help to defend their land. It was later revealed that the emissary is actually a Princess from Bundelkhand, Mastani (Deepika Padukone). Bajirao agrees to lend a hand and defeats the invaders and as token of appreciation, King Rajput invites him to celebrate Holi in his Kingdom. Impressed by Mastani battle skills, Bajirao gifts his dagger to Mastani, which is a sign of marriage for the native. Soon after Bajirao continues his journey back home leaving Mastani falling head over heels for him. Mastani leaves her Kingdom to pursue the love of her life only to be treated unfairly as a Mistress. Bajirao soon after develops feeling for Mastani and is torn between loving his wife, Kashibai (a very Juhi Chawla looking Priyanka Chopra) and Mastani. Both his ladies give birth to Bajirao’s baby boys while Mastani continued to be shunned by everyone. Once again the need to lead the army arise and Bajirao embark on his path. Sensing a chance to punish Mastani for being a home wrecker, she gets imprisoned and once Bajirao hears the news he goes berserk. What will become of this love triangle? Will there be a happy ending or tragic finale? Like hell am gonna tell you, go watch the movie instead lar dey! 
From reel to real life lovers?  
Trust Sanjay to bring his level best in any of his work. This man is a testament of how one should use their talent. As mentioned earlier, Sanjay played multiple roles as co-writer, producer, and director and also composed the wonderful music for the epic film. The result? A visually stunning tragic love story brought to life with brilliant cast, cinematography, poetic lines and majestic setting all around. Speaking of cast, the three (3) main characters were made for Ranveer, Deepika and Priyanka. From portraying a brave warrior to a tortured longing and betrayed soul, these three thespians were spot on every time they came on screen. The excellent acting was perfectly matched by a beautiful yet painful story. The dance sequels were nothing short of amazing. I still got some songs stuck in my head long after watching this picture. As of now, I can’t or refuse to find any flaws except be amazed by the hard work put into making this movie marvel.
Honestly can one heart have place for two love? 
It’s very rare of me to watch Bollywood movies but once in a while a perfect gem arise and shines bright to capture my attention. Bajirao Mastasi is such rare sighting. If you are eager to find out how good a well thought movie can be produced, you have to watch this magnum opus by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and trust me you will not be disappointed.
Pinga on replay.

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