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Monday, 4 January 2016

The 33 Review

Stuck between a rock and hard literally....
The 33 Review – Film based on real year 2010’s mining disaster in Chile. 
Will The 33 make it our alive? 
A usual days work turns into deadly when 33 miners get trapped inside the San Jose gold and copper mine. Running low on food and motivation, the miners have to work together to stay alive while the Chilean government tries to hatch a plan to rescue them. Best drillers around the world lend their hand while being hit with several snags before finally getting a break through. It would take another two months before The 33 can be rescued. 
Super Mario and the rest of the miners 
With so much negativity happening around the world these days, it good to see how humans can come together in times of desperate need. From a very concern Minister (the yummy looking Rodrigo Santoro) to Super Mario (Antonio Banderas), the cast portrayed their role well to bring the human emotions. Heck, despite knowing the outcome (all 33 miners were rescued) I almost teared up when the last miner made it out alive. 
Main cast. 
If only we can set aside our differences and work together for a common goal, the world will truly be a better place. Let’s hope one day this wish will come true. 

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