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Friday, 15 January 2016

7 Letter - Titian Budaya

Titian Budaya
Ok I’ve not done this before but here goes nothing. Received invite to the Premiere of ‘7 Letters’ screening in conjunction with the inaugural Singapore Film Festival tied to Titian Budaya to celebrate 50 years of friendship between Singapore and Malaysia.

7 Letters is actually 7 short stories directed by 7 different Singaporean Directors but am here just to write about this one story that hit right strait to my heart. It was the last film out of the 6 earlier ones so you have to be patient till you get the watch Grandma Positioning System (GPS) [Catchy and funny title me thinks] directed by Kelvin Tong.

*Spoiler alert (I usually won’t give anything away any but as I mentioned earlier, this is different)

It starts off with a Singaporean family of five, an older women with her son along with his wife and kids (a teenage girl and her younger brother). They get lost on their way to the annual trip to Johor to honour the remains of the older women’s husband. Fortunately, Granma remembers the route and soon they reach the destination without getting lost (hence the GPS title – geddit?). While the family is rushing to meet their next to-do item in the schedule, Granma takes her time at the cemetery, sorta updating her husband on the latest happening with their family along with ‘giving’ her husband the direction to reach their home in Singapore. Only the grandson accompanies his “Po-Po” whilst listening to her ramblings.

The following year, they are left with only four (4) people as Granma is ‘gone’. Once again the family rush over the prayer ceremony only to get lost on the way back until the son decides to jump out of the car and head back to the headstone of his grandparents. Once there, he starts to give ‘direction’ to the old folks just like how his late Granma used too and soon joined by his sister who fill in on the changes that took place after Granma was gone…later the wife and the son kneel to unite…and that’s ladies and gentleman was when I couldn’t control my tears anymore. 

All of the sudden tears start streaming down like a leaking faucet. *sniff sniff… WHAT THE HELL RIGHT? Me getting all emo over a short story? Pfffftttttt….heck, it doesn’t help when your friend is also wiping her tears away. Then we looked at each other and laughed while trying to hold back more waterworks from filling our cheeks. Goddammit! You know what…my ‘faucet’ is leaking again while writing this. Hewhew

Even with this short review, I don’t think I’m giving enough credit for the brilliant work by Kelvin Tong. I have no idea why this short story in particular hit me hard or maybe I do and I’m just in denial of the way I truly feel about losing someone dear to me… sooooooo there you go. 

With that, please take note and make time to catch other amazing short films by the talents by our neighbours from South. Tickets are priced only for RM8 (thank God not in SGD!) and it will be a well spent money. Check out the screening schedule below and enjoy yourself at the cinema.    
Watch one! Watch them all! 
P/s - On a side note. Just after the screening, I learned that Alan Rickman had passed away so Dear Professor Snape...this review is for you. Rest in peace Sir. 
Gone but will not be forgotten. 

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