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Friday, 31 March 2017

J Revolusi Review

What comes after H? J Revolusi? Lame...I know
J Revolusi Review – No, it’s not a good as Polis Evo.
Nak tembak tu tembak jelar...
Jay Zulkarnain (Zul Ariffin) and his sister Dian (Nur Fazura) are part of elite special force (Unit Tindakan Khas [UTK]) team raised by their adoptive father. Dian have always felt short changed by her relationship with her brother and father. During an operation, Dian gets captured by the terrorist after defying her superior’s order. The whole task goes awry and Jay feels responsible for Dian’s mistake refusing to accept that she might be dead. Pretty soon the team finds out that Andra (Farid Kamil) is in control of the baddies and wants to make an exchange for Dian’s release. Jay takes it upon himself to secure Dian’s safety but once again all hell breaks loose and it is up to Jay to save the day.
Meet the annoying bunch...bluerghhh
As mentioned earlier, J Revolusi is no Polis Evo. I was sorely disappointed with the lack of action although it featured UTK tactical team members. The operative communication jargon was interesting however the action to match the instruction was not up to the par. The scenes were over shadowed by too much drama and unnecessary talking’s until even the so called comic relief became annoying after a while. Instead of focusing on the actor’s ability to perform stunts, they end up uttering pointless lines after lines. The initial opening showcasing bullets flying and bombs exploding quickly turned into a ‘family play’ and totally missed the mark and swung further away from an action flick that it was supposed to be.
Ni lagi sekor...tembak jelar...
Somebody please explain the meaning of the movie’s title – J Revolusi and its connection to the storyline (if applicable) because I can’t tie the link together.   -_-

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