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Friday, 31 March 2017

Logan Review

Hold on to your claws! 
Logan Review - …so…is this the end of the road for the Clawed One?
Loganathan, how the hell we end up like this dey? 
Logan or Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) as we came to know him almost 17 years ago along with Professor X (Patrick Stewart) think they are the only surviving mutants after the humans launch an all-out hunt to eradicate the mutants from existing. Logan becomes a limo driver to keep a low profile while taking care of ailing Charles along with another remaining mutant. He however gets a visit by a nurse claiming that humans are now generating their own breed of mutants using leftover DNA are their hunt. Logan meets one of the young generation, Laura aka X-23 (Dafne Keen) and learns more truth about the human experiment on his kind. Pretty soon they get hunted down as well and can Logan endure one last fight with what is left of him?
Three's a crowd? 
Get ready for the real beast to be unleashed in this violent flick. If you thought you had seen how animalistic Wolverine can be, just wait till he starts slashing, slicing, dicing and what not all those who comes in between him and Charles. No barrel was held and he goes full on monster mode. Hugh Jackman turns his iconic role into movie history stamping his name as one of the great mutant to ever roam the Earth. Meanwhile, we also get to see another side Professor X that we never saw before, perhaps it had something to do with his age. The screen stealer for this flick is newcomer Dafne who holds her candle against such big names. Nobody wanted Hugh to be replaced as Wolverine but this girl could be the answer to continue his legacy. Acting ability aside, the story however felt rather draggy to me with too much talking at times and if no talking it was the gory killing or get killed scenes that sorta over killed the movie for me.
Bittersweet ending? 
Personally, I think Wolverine was better represented in the X-Mens franchise rather than his stand alone films and I’m glad that there won’t be any more spin off of Logan after this. Let’s just leave the beast alone shall we? 

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