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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Introducing KLICFest 2017 Open Mic Contestant - KANMANI.

#MonkeyMani in action! 
Ok how do I start this? Hurmm…those who know me personally think I should be a comedian. Heck I even wrote I should be a “Pelawak Antarabangsa” – ‘International Comedian’ as my ambition in my school year book for fun.

So for the sake of giving it a try, I actually went on stage once! 


surprised myself by getting into top five (5) out of fifteen (15) contestants. Not bad ey?

#monkeyMani on stage with Mamasan, Joanne Kam and
the other contestants. 
Since then, I’ve mulled over the thought on getting on stage again and here is the good news…I will be going on stage again by participating in another Open Mic competition. This time against seasoned comedians. Might I add that I am the only female participant. (No pressure – really!) 

Jeng jeng jeng!!!

Anyhow this is where I need your help and support. Kindly click on this link (Kanmani's stand up video) and give the video post a
‘like’ and also ‘share’ it out as these actions will earn me extra points before the actually event happening on 23rd April 2017. 5 pm onwards at The Bee, Publika.

* Do take note that this is just a short snippet but on actual day, I will get to perform a longer set. 

For every ‘like’, I get will secure me 1 point while each ‘share’ will be awarded another 3 points. Might seem little but means a lot because ‘ONLINE VOTING’ stands for (twenty) 20% of the total points.

As of now, I have eighty (80) ‘likes’ and twenty four (24) ‘share’s which is sadly quite below other competitors so I really need your support to receive more ‘like’ and ‘share’. You only need to ‘like’ or ‘share’ once and then you may encourage your friends, family or pets to show their support as well by also ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’ my said video. Every small action counts and I truly appreciate your support.

Once you have cast your ‘like’ and ‘share’ online, do try to make yourself free on 23rd April 2017. 5 pm onwards at The Bee, Publika as that is the actual competition date when I will go against the rest of the contestant.

There will also be another ON GROUND AUDIENCE VOTING which will account for (forty) 40% of the total mark. The final (forty) 40% points will be determined by professional judges. (Gulp!).

Details on how to purchase tickets for the event, click this link English Open Mic tickets

I look forward to your support and thank you for the backings so far. I hope to see some encouraging changes for my video likes and share counts and look forward to meet you guys in person on the of the event.
Once again, it’s on 23rd April 2017. 5 pm onwards at The Bee, Publika!!!
Please take note that you will also get to enjoy other contestants set for the price of RM15 only so do try to make your way during the event day okies.

This link will take you to get further information about the Open Mic Contest.

Thank you, Terima kasih, Nandri, Tho Che.

P/s - Here's a testimony of a friend who have been to my previous stand-up comedy stunt...errr... I mean stint. 


Lastly...please like and share this video (Kanmani's stand-up) alright. :) 

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