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Thursday, 4 June 2015

San Andreas Review

Can you smell what The Rock is cooking in this movie? 
San Andreas Review – California gets whipped by Mother Nature while The Rock tries to save his family.
Brace yourselves!!! 
Ray Gaines (Dwayne Johnson) is a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot from the Los Angeles Fire Department. After a routine rescue mission he was on his way to spend the weekend with his daughter, Blake (Alexandra Daddario) who is off to college soon. Unfortunately an unusual strong quake that just had hit the Hoover dam requires his attention. Little did Ray and other Californians knew that it was just the beginning as Caltech seismologist, Lawrence (Paul Giamatti) predicts a life changing mega quake is about happen. Caught in the middle of the deadly tremor followed by aftershocks and even tsunami, can the family survive the ordeal?
Hold on tight!!! 
Other than Dwayne Johnson, the other star of the movie is definitely the CGI! It was simply mind blowing to watch Hoover damn breaking, Hollywood sign falling off, The Golden Gate Bridge getting swept away by the giant tsunami. Forget about the storyline, just stay for the effects. Better yet…invest some extra money and get the 3D tickets because it’s totally worth it. I watched this flick in Bangkok where they have 4D cinema! Gempak giler siot! I literally had to hold on to my seat as it swirled and wipe the water off my glasses and got poked on the back in accordance with the special effects. Damn chun wey!
On a sad note, watching this movie did get on my emotional side because of the recent Earthquake in Nepal. I hope the nation will rise up again after suffering from the devastating tragedy. Let’s just hope this fictional level of seismic activity will only happen on the big screen and not in real life because I simply can’t imagine how we would survive such catastrophe.

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