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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Spy Review

Watch out for Coop! 
Spy Review – Former ‘Bridesmaid’ face each other again in a different situation!
Are you ready for this???!!!
Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) and Bradley Fine (Jude Law) are an awesome tag team as a deskbound CIA analyst and secret spy respectively. Together they were on the verge of taking down a dangerous arms dealer down until Bradley is ‘killed’ by Raina Boyanov (Rose Byrne) while compromising other agent identities. Left with no choice, Susan steps in as a covert agent to detect the location of the bomb before the deal takes place. Deep undercover, Susan manages to get close to Raina only to discover some surprising truths as more and more turn of events unfolds. Can an ‘ordinary basement based’ agent take control of a critical situation and come out victorious or screw up the whole operation instead?
Look out! There's a new agent in town!!! 
After Identity Theft and The Heat…Melissa is slowly gaining her way into Hollywood blockbuster list. I used to like her as ‘Sookie’ from Gilmore Girls. She is still as sweet as she was in that series. Add that existing charm with funny lines and antics…voila…she is on to more great things this lady with a big heart! Her nemesis in the movie, Rose is another up and coming favourite of mine. With her smoking hot body and that Australian allure I hope Miss Byrne will burn-pun intended up the big screen a lot more! Honourable mention also goes to Allison Janney as Elaine Crocker, she often play small roles but still manage to stand out just like the way she did in this flick. As for the boys, Jude Law…I will consider him to play James Bond because he does have that suave while Jason Statham…the usual charismatic man hits home run on this one as an annoying rouge agent. The strength of this movie is definitely in the casting no matter how big and small their role. The storyline is not half bad as well. You will find yourself laughing even if you try to control it so don’t hold anything back and go ahead and….well…laugh!
Don't underestimate Agent Cooper yo! 
Since James Bond had gone all so serious and focuses on the man perspective on being a spy, it’s nice to see an unlikely woman taking a role of a spy. Forget the logic and just enjoy the ride. I personally hope there will be a sequel to this espionage extravaganza, if you can call it that!  

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