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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Pitch Perfect 2 Review

Back for more!!! 
Pitch Perfect 2 Review – The movie which made me fall in love with Anna Kendrick so naturally I was looking forward for more of The Barden Bella in this sequel!
Re-bonding time! 
The Barden Bellas soaring high confidence after winning National A cappella competition (3 years in a row) comes crushing down after a blunder in front of the country’s President. The ‘wardrobe malfunction’ cost them to be banned from domestic competition. They only able to redeem themselves if they win the World Championships, to be held in Copenhagen. This has never been achieved by an American team before because to quote Gail, the commentator (Elizabeth Banks who triples her role as an extra, Producer and Director in this movie) “The whole world hates us”! Their biggest rivalry comes in the form of robotically-perfect German group called Das Sound Machine. With most of the members in their final year, the girls are bent to restore their glory days before they leave. Meanwhile newbie Emily (Hailee Steinfeld) enters as a ‘Legacy’ Bella – her mother (Katy Sagal) once sang for the troupe to provide breath of fresh air. Becca (Anna Kendrick) is preparing for life after a Capella by Becca-ming an intern in a record label company trying to establish herself as a music producer. With the competition looming closer and the troupe becoming more and more unsynchronized can they rediscover their harmony and sound in time?
Witty duo! 
Look out for team Canada!!! 
The star of the first movie was the surprise package called Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy when she blew everybody’s mind with her amazing singing voice. Add overreacting expressions and gestures she instantly became a household name. In this sequel despite the early on blunder she slowly works her way back into our hearts again. Anna in the meantime also provides her charm here and there. I had a good laugh every time she stutters in a nerdy way when coming face to face with Das Sound Machine. The rest of the Bella have their short spotlight moment during their performance. As usual the face off, this time ‘National A Cappella Laser Ninja Dragon League’ highlights some of the other a cappella groups ability to belt out their best rip offs. The finals of the World Championship bring out the best of a country representative (Look out for Pentatonix!). If you like a lot of music in your movie, well this is it!
Facing up to Das Sound Machine! 
Personally I still think Pitch Perfect was much better than this follow-up. The laughs, songs, battles are still there but something seemed to be missing. With the graduation of the seniors, whether the “pitches” will be “aca-awesomess” in the upcoming “Pitch Perfect 3“, I look forward to improvements for the threequel.

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