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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Minions Review

Ready to take over the world again yellow fellows? 
Minions Review – Bee doo bee doo…our favourite yellow fellows get their own spin off!
Nak tumpang pls.....
After winning our hearts over as Gru’s underlings in both Despicable Me movies, it’s only fair that we get to see beginnings of the minion’s adventure to seek and serve the history’s most ambitious villains. Since evolving from a single cell organism, minions have worked for T-Rex, Dracula and even Napoleon with deadly-pun intended consequences. Running out of idol and depressed without a leader, Kevin (Pierre Coffin who also provides voice for Stuart, Bob and other minions) comes up with an idea to look a new master with the help of Bob and Stuart. Just when all hope seemed to have faded away, the threesome ends up in New York and makes their way Orlando to the villain convention. Once there, they had to compete with others to become Scarlet Overkill’s (Sandra Bullock) accomplice. Little did Kevin, Stuart and Bob knew that Scarlet has her own agenda that involves overtaking Queen Elizabeth’s throne. They leave to London to carry out Scarlet’s evil plan with the trio thinking that they have found a new Boss. Kevin summons the rest of the minions to make their way to England. By the time the yellow clan make their way to UK, Overkill causes chaos that might collapse the whole country. What will happen to United Kingdom’s rule? Are the minions doomed from ever finding a perfect leader?
The perfect villain? 
People went bonkers speaking weird minions language including yours truly when the minions fever was at its peak but to be honest after watching this movie the minions mumbling does get kinda tiring. However let’s not focus on that because kids will certainly enjoy the weird noise that they make (there even a scene when Bob ask for direction from a baby). Speaking of kids, the storyline is also out of the window, one can predict what will come on next, after all it’s a movie about minions so what do you expect? The voice talents, now that’s something interesting, as mentioned earlier Pierre Coffin who also happens to be the Director of the movies managed to portray different personality for Kevin, Bob, Stuart and the rest of the minions. Meanwhile, Sandra steels every scene she appears on albeit being slightly under-utilized in my opinion. Add minion’s bright yellow colours together with Scarlet’s red hot attire the flick is rather decent to be enjoyed by adults with not much expectation.
Did they just saw a banana? 
I don’t mean to rain on minion’s debut parade but it could have been a lot better after the impact they had in Despicable Me movies despite being supporting role to Gru. Yet it is a good effort to allow them to star in their own picture. I just hope if there is gonna be a sequel, prequel or what not, it better be well…better than this. Until then look out for a surprise ‘phrase’ which will delight all the Malaysian audience. It certainly put a smile on my face!  
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