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Thursday, 12 May 2016

The Angry Birds Movie Review

Birds of feather gets angry together?  
The Angry Birds Movie Review – From adapting books to films, Hollywood is now bringing mobile app game into the big screen. Will it fly or miss the target?
Why so Red?
The main bird, Red (Jason Sudeikis) is angry most of the time and ends up getting sent to anger management class. He meets his ‘course-mates’, Chuck, Boom and Terrence and try to work out their rage. Life is pretty much normal until the arrival of a green pig ship ‘offering’ to be friends with the birds. Red suspects amiss but gets ignored by the other birds who were too smitten by the new visitors. Red then gets help from Chuck and Boom to look for wisdom from the Great Eagle only to be disappointed by him. Not willing to give up, Red continues his mission to figure out the pigs motive until he finally crack the code. Will Red be able to save his beloved bird island? Can Red control his anger long enough for his own good?  
Chuck, Red & Boom! 
From the word get go, this movie was entertaining as heck. From the funny puns (trust me there was loads of it!) to the colourful birds and hatchlings and suspicious green pigs it would appeal to both kids and adults alike. The storyline was also pretty simple while staying true to the real mobile app game that drove many nuts during its heyday. Another plus point is the voice actors who managed to ‘cluck’ life to their roles. Not to be just plain entertainment, there is also some lesson to be learned from watching the birds in action.

This lil piggy is up to no good
If you loved the game, you will most definitely love this flick as well. One minus point is it took too long to make this movie, had it been produced earlier during the Angry Bird game craze (circa 20019), I bet slight shot of people would flock-pun intended the cinema to catch their favourite birds take flight against the malicious pigs! Now drop your phone for a while and join in the fun and I bet you won’t leave the cinema feeling one bit angry. Teehee! 
P/s - Thank you Cinema Online and themmailonline for the preview pass.

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