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Sunday, 22 May 2016

X-Men: Apocalypse Review

The gang is back!!! 
X-Men: Apocalypse Review - Mutants united to fight against…nope…not humans but another mutant this time around.
En Sabah Nur
The film begins with a bang taking us back to ancient Egyptian era when humans worshipped a powerful mutant called En Sabah Nur [not related to our state of Sabah, hehe ;)]. He also goes by the name Apocalypse absorbing other mutants power by sacrifying them. During another such ritual, he gets betrayed and buried inside a tomb. Fast forward to the future after the events that took place in X-Men : Days of Future Past, Mystique is hailed as a hero for saving the President while Magneto goes into ‘hiding’ some sort trying to live a normal life, his frenemy, Charles continue to expand his school for gifted children taking in new students with the help from Hank. His old flame, Moira is still interested with the existence of mutant that brings her to Egypt and witness the awakening of Apocalypse. Somehow disappointed by human ‘ruling’ the Earth, he goes on a recruitment mode taking in Storm, Psylocke, Angel and Magneto as his followers. After finding out that Charles posses the power to connect with all the mutants,  En Sabah Nur summons the ‘four horseman’ to 'mutant-nap' Charles and to create a new world. It is once again up to the ‘good mutants’ to save us and our sorry arse planet. 
Somebody from this picture does not make it till the end of the movie. :( 
Returning cast like McAvoy, Fassbender, Lawrence and some others put up their usual best performance but I somehow still miss the original adult X-mens. While the newer cast also provide their talent best to take over the uniform but for me personally, there just a slight loss of umph this time around. The special effects also felt a bit over used and repeated. While the villain who were suppose to bring in the destruction does nothing much except give roaring supportive speech to make his gang bigger. Perhaps too much of superhero movies lately spoilt my appetite but my hope to be blown away was sadly blow into dust instead. My only salvation was Evan Peters Quicksilver who once again saves the day not just with his quick action but also his wit! 
Thank God for Quicksilver!!! 
I’m sorry but my excitement to watch this much awaited movie started to face midway thru as i really miss the ‘older’ cast, namely Famke, Rebecca, Patrick and Ian. No offence to the new cast but perhaps I need some time to adjust to them being so young and naive. Another factor was the storyline, same old trying to take over the world plot. Forgive me the almighty Apocalypse but if you are so very the powerdeful, why would you want to take over this dying planet? Why not just find another new planet and prosper there? Humans are very annoying ok. You are better off finding some other life form elsewhere and have a better time. And other beings out there, please take heed of this advice…Earth is dying…or rather…humans are killing Earth so please go elsewhere if you want your race to live longer. 
movieMANIac's crew for X-Men this time around....try to spot Wolverin sans his claws but with a thick beard! 
P/s - Thank you Star2 for the preview passes. 

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