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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Captain America : Civil War Review

Are you ready for this? 
Captain America: Civil War Review – Ok take a deep breath and say hello to Captain America, Ironman, Black Widow, Winter Soldier, Falcon, War Machine, Hawkeye, Black Panther, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man and yes…Spiderman!!!
Come guys, where's the love? 
Where do I even begin? This ‘Marvel’lous-pun intended production starting off from Ironman, Thor, previous Captain America and Avengers franchise is a feast for its fan! I for one am not really a comic fan but the way Marvel been producing and churning out awesome flicks after flicks got me hooked and look forward to know more about these special bunch of characters. The latest offering for Captain America’s sequel begins after the events seen in Avengers : Age of Ultron with Bucky aka Winter Soldier going into hiding after being suspected of some terror attacks with only Steve Rogers believing him being framed. Soon the heroes come face to face with a different kind of enemy and as usual they try to defeat him with some serious consequences. The ordinary human gets irritated by the mounting collateral damages and soon demand that the group of superheroes to be ‘controlled’ by the United Nations. This causes friction between two sides with Cap opposing to the idea while Ironman agrees to hand over his suit to the government. Cap then goes on his mission to prove the innocence of Bucky with his team while Ironman and his gang tries to stop him. Former allies face off in a brilliant clash of power and technology. They are soon exposed to the real reason why the new foe chooses the idea of getting the superheroes going against each other. What will be the outcome and can the good guys put their differences aside and once again fight against wrongdoings in the world? 
With so many superheroes all put into one movie and the main title being for Captain America, one would think that it would be a mess trying to catch up with the characters. Fortunately though, all of them gets just enough screen time without losing the main focus of the flick. As for the pool of talents, I don’t even have to mention about the existing crowd favourites such as Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scar Jo and the rest. This time the stake is higher with the addition of Paul Rudd, Tom Holland and Marissa Tomei to the cast list which gave more umph to the story. Although some of the roles are small, as mentioned earlier, they do shine when the camera is focused on them. As for the storyline, its packed with action to get ones adrenaline going with the usual humor, banter and even some romance to give the complete feeling of watching this blockbuster! With the amount of money spent to produce it, the GCI are super awesome as well. Let’s just sum it up as simply as freaking amazing summer pop corn movie! 
Superman v Batman who? Pfttttttttttttttttt go watch Civil War instead wey! 
With more and more Marvel heroes being lined up to hit the big screen. Comic and movie fans are in for a fantastic ride. As long as those involved keep doing such a good job, I bet more records will be broken with half of the planet’s arse are planted on the cinema. I will be one of them and make sure you get your dose of this Marvel job as well.

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