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Saturday, 28 May 2016

My Stupid Boss Review

Not your ordinary Boss. 

My Stupid Boss Review – A funny collabo between Malaysia and our Indonesian neighbour. 

Face-off between the Bossman and!!!

Diana (Bunga Cinta Lestari) is married to a Malaysian and is bored out of her mind until she gets permission from her husband to work in his collage best friend's company. She attends the interview and lands job the as Head of Department (Kera.…ni…hehehe!). Only later on Diana realise that her Boss is a one-of-a-kind moron who torments and torture his employees with his weird antics. Bossman (Reza Rahadian) is also a total control freak and do not trust anyone. On top that he annoys almost that he comes in contact with. His ‘insane’ behaviour finally drives Diana mad until she decides to quit but even then the Bossman harasses her to not leave the company and tries to convince her to come back to the office. Diana gives him one last chance and finally gets to see the real Bossman who turns out to be not much a bad person after all. 

Bossman with his new ride. Bugger refuses to ganti the busted air con in the office but drives a Ferrari! 

Get ready to laugh your butt off from the moment Bossman steps into the office or rather even when it is not working hour. Both Bunga and Reza were a joy to watch trying to outdo each other. Their ‘confrontation’, their ‘conversation’, their ‘interaction’ will leave your stomach in stitches from laughing so hard. While the rest of the mixed Indon-Malaysian cast also provide their level best to draw more chuckles. The storyline is simple enough on how to deal with a stupid Boss and beat him at him own game. Just make sure you’ve been to the washroom before entering the cinema for this if you don’t want to pee in your pants from giggling too much. You have been warned! 

Inter-country marriage. 

I can’t remember the last time I watched an Indonesian flick but this is such a good and entertaining film to literally laugh out loud to while trying to relate to the situation faced by every employees at one point or another with their respective bosses. I’ve had my ‘fair’ share of stupid/idiot/dumbarse (you name it!) superiors that made me thought about changing career into a hired killer. Who knows, perhaps one day I might! Tee hee!!!

P/s - Thank you TGV Cinemas for the movie pass. 

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