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Saturday, 28 May 2016

The Nice Guys Review

Guess who???!!!
The Nice Guys Review - Can Oscar winner Russell and heartthrob Ryan combine to pull of a comedy? 
Wachulukinat? It is really Gosling and Crowe fool! 
Holland March (Ryan Gosling) is a private investigator who is also a single father with a smart teenage daughter, Holly (Angourie Rice). Upon receiving information from his client, a senile old lady that her ‘dead’ niece is still alive, March digs deeper into the matter. His path crosses with another guy, Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe) who warns and ‘attacks’ him to stay away from Amelia who seem to have connection with his client’s ‘missing niece’. This time, both of them combine force to dig even deeper and the case turns out to be bigger than what they’ve expected earlier. With involvement by some high powered people, hired killer and mobs, can this unlikely duo make it out alive?
Still reading the review? Go watch the movie instead lar dey! 
Never would have I imagine that i would be laughing so much at Ryan Gosling instead of just drool at the sight of him. He shows a comedic side of his at every chance he could get in this film and does it flawlessly. Partnered with Russell who on the other hand known as a serious Oscar  winning actor, the pairing actually worked rather well. In no time, you will be rooting for our heroes to catch the bad guys all while not forgetting to appreciate how well the chemistry is between them. Unfortunately another Oscar winner talent is totally wasted, read : Kim Basinger while Matt Bomer as John Boy only appears after more than half way thru the movie which is bummer. However, things get more exciting from then onwards with the action scene matching the funny portion of the film. The 70’s LA feel was perfectly captured from the backdrop, wardrobe, music and vibe. The storyline is also pretty laid back where one don’t have to wreck their brain to figure out who is the baddie so sit back and let The Nice Guys take you on a ride around the old school Los Angeles baby! 
Will ya quit looking at us and watch us on the big screen oredi!
End note - I demand a sequel as I want to see more of The Nice Guys newly formed partnership! 
Look out for the sequel - The Nice Chicks soon! Hehehe
P/s - Thank you saysdotcom and kaodim for the preview passes. 

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