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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Demolition Review

Hey Jake! 
Demolition Review - Jake-I-could-never-spell-his-last-name-right-Gyllenhall (I used search button to look up to his last name) is back with dramatic role. demolish....or not to demolish....
Davis (Jake) seems to be living a perfect life as a investment banker who is married to the Boss’s daughter. Until a routine morning commute turns into a disastrous tragedy killing his wife and leaving him in a loop. Davis vent about his frustrating life by writing a complain letter to the vending company machine when it malfunctions on him thinking it would not receive any attention. Little did he knew that the said company’s Customer Service Rep, Karen (Naomi Watts) would actually return his call and both of them form an unlikely connection. Davis keeps up with his destructive ways in order to understand and rebuild his life after finding out more truth behind his marriage. His also develops a special bond Karen’s son, Chris (the very talented Judah Lewis). Can David ever recover from his loss? 
Jake got his groove on!!!
One can depend on Jake to deliver such strong role and once again he prove his acting chops by taking on such powerful persona. He delivers it effortlessly. Sadly Naomi still plays an insignificant character who gets taken over by Judah’s talent as her son. The storyline is quite intense and moves very slowly (I noticed few people leaving the cinema halfway) but pays off well for those who are patient enough to sit thru till the end. It’s not your typical ‘let’s eat some popcorn or potato chips while watching this’ flick but a carefully well thought movie which unfortunately may not suit everyones or anyone viewing pleasure. 
Nothing to see here....move along....
Taking account from my own experience of losing someone dear to me, I could feel Davis’s sense of loss. I remember not being able to cry when I found out that my Amma was no longer around. I’m just glad I had the right people around me to help cope with the sudden lost of direction. I just hope those who are faced with the same situation will be able to overcome their grieve without destroying themselves. If you need a friend during such times, just remember that I’m still around and would gladly lend my shoulders for you to cry on okies. 

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