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Friday, 10 June 2016

The Conjuring 2 Review

Welcome back the Warrens! 
The Conjuring 2 Review - Everyone’s favourite ghostbusters, Ed and Lorraine are back y’ll!
Imagine the seeing your kids getting tortured and not being able to do anything.
After being recognised for their ability to help those getting ‘disturbed by un-wanted visitors', Ed and Lorraine this time travel to London, England to lend a helping hand to a single mother, Peggy Hodgson (Frances O’Connor). A single mother of four (4) children, she is convinced that her daughter, Janet Hodgson (Madison Wolfe) is ‘possessed’ by a spirit of an old man who used live in their house. At first, Janet just sleep walks but thing escalates so quickly until it grabs unwanted attention of the media. Both Ed and Lorraine at first serve as ’the eyes and ears’ of the Church until they witness some strange happenings at the Hodgson’s resident. Little did they expect that they will be facing their own demon that is about to get them. Can the poor family and the Warrens survive this haunting? 
Yearp....this is that Nun! 
The undeniable husband and wife chemistry between Patrick (as Ed) and Vera (as Lorraine) is still strong in this follow-up and further strengthen their relationship when faced with a dilemma of choosing between helping the troubled family and save their own self. Both of them give another outstanding performance as hoped. Meanwhile the new comer, Madison shines as a tortured young teenager trapped between growing up normal while also fight for her life. Heck, even the ghostly nun were freakishly awesome man (that scene when ’she’ comes out of the painting….maigard!!!). Beside the excellent casting, another notable signature of James Wan the Director, is his amazing camerawork, capturing near-to-impossible-angles to scare you even more coupled by the spooky sound mixing that might cause some to wet their pants in fear. The ghost/spirit will not scare you by popping up in your face and what is more scary is the after math it leaves by just lingering in your mind long after you have left the cinema. I’m writing this review a week after watching the movie and still remember how afraid i was (yes, I once again had to watch it with my glasses off!) despite trying to be brave to face the demon-pun intended.    
Are you ready for this?
After scarring the crap of the audiences and kinda reviving the scary movie genre, Malaysian born Director, James Wan once again offers us another winning formula to how-to-scare-your-audience-mentally-instead-of-just-scream-when-you-see-a-ghost flick. (Fuh! that was a mouthful!). Despite being a scary cat that I am, I will most definitely watch another horror movie helmed by him. I hope he will dig more into the Warren’s old files and offer us a salvation from the over crowding of Superhero films lately. Bring it on I say altho most prolly i will watch it with my glasses off once again. Hehe. 

P/s - Thank you Screenbite for the preview passes.

The Conjuring Review

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