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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Martian Review

He is no alien, just a stranded astronaut. 

The Martian Review – What would you do if you are stuck millions of miles away from home? 

Mars to Earth, do you copy? 
Ares 3 crew consisting of astronauts Commander Lewis (Jessica Chastin), Watney (Matt Damon), Martinez (Michael Pena), Johanssen (Kate Mara), Beck (Sebastian Stan) and Vogel (Aksel Hennie) are on a mission to collect samples from planet Mars when a heavy storm forces them to abort their assignment and leave the surface. While trying to evacuate, Watney gets hit by debris and left stranded presumed dead by his crew. Little did they know that he was able to endure the storm and needs to find a way to stay alive until rescue reaches him. Left with no option, Mark starts his survival plan using whatever he can find at the outpost hub. With his botanic wits, he manages to ‘grow’ potatoes while also establish communication with NASA. Meanwhile, back at Earth, NASA gathers their best team to figure out a way to bring back him back. With time running out on both side while Watney having to face the harsh elements of the planet, can he sustain his sanity and stay alive before help arrives?
No shit - like literally! 
Check out the cast for the crew on Mars, that itself is a mind blowing aspect of this movie. Add more credible names playing their part on Earth. You got from drama to comedy to Oscar nominee and winner himself, Matt Damon carrying the title role. Each of them no matter how big or small their role was simply brilliant. Further enhancement is the awesome cinematography, when you are in Mars, you are in Mars. Every curve and curb was well captured in the camera. The production team took all the effort to make this film as one of the best space movie. Include 70’s disco music playlist (come on Watney, how could you not like ‘em disco beats man!) and voila, recipe for a blockbuster even Martians would be proud off. If you can’t tell how impressed I am about this film then I can’t help you mate.

Life-saver! Like seriously! 
If you think one life doesn’t make a difference, you should watch this movie. If you think you are alone in this world, you should watch this movie. If you think becoming an astronaut is just about hopping on a rocket, you should watch this movie. Get my drift? Read: You should watch this movie. I will leave you with this… if you think you a just an ordinary person well, add extra to ordinary, and you, like Mark Watney, can be extraordinary!
In The Martian, I discovered this dorky Engineer! Ehem ehem 
P/s - Thank you Churp Churp for the #Churpremiere tickets! 

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