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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

#PolisEvo Review

Tag team terbaik boh! 
Polis Evo Review – Malaysian version of Bad Boys? Heck why not! 
Sam, the late Harun and Zizan! 
Inspector Bangkai…eh I mean Inspector Khai (Shaheizy Sam) is known as ‘Super Cop’ among the police force in KL. While Inspector Sani (Zizan Razak) takes care of wrongdoings in Terenganu. A murder of an Oldman brings these two policemen’s together to combine force and solve a crime. As they dig further, they discover about a drug syndicate making ‘Shabu Naga’ to be sold to an international drug cartel. The baddie is a ruthless fella who in retaliation decides to kidnap Sani’s sister. With the life of his family member on the line, can both cops stop the drug transaction from happening while try to save his sister? Jeng jeng jeng…
Jahat benor ko ek Izrael! 
The success point to this movie is the amazing chemistry between Sam and Zizan. One is a tough guy while the other is a cool cucumber…until you mess with his family. Another awesome thing is the baddie. Memang jahat giler ok mamat ni. Dah nama pun Izrael kan? Ntah ntah memang lahir kot Israel kot. Giler kejam! While it was also good to see the Late Harun Salim Bachik playing perhaps his last but memorable role.  Meanwhile, action fans are in for a treat as the explosions, car chase and what not are top notch along with the light comedic lines thrown here and there that will make you laugh your butts off.
Den menang kontest ni lar dpt tgk preview! 
Overall I was really impressed with our own ‘gambar aksi’. Polis Evo managed to hit high marks it set out to achieve. Memang Terbaik Boh so jangan lupa pi tengok ek. Gamba memang molek benor gitew.
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