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Friday, 25 September 2015

Hotel Transylvania 2 Review

Drac and his gang. 
Hotel Transylvania 2 Review – Will humans ever be good enough to check into Hotel Transylvania?
New addition. 
In this sequel we start off with the wedding between human Jonathan (voiced by Andy Samberg) and Dracula’s daughter, Mavis (Selena Gomez). Dracula (Adam Sandler) have finally loosened his ‘monster only’ restriction at Hotel Transylvania and soon greeted by great news that he is going to be a ‘Vampa’ (vampire grandpa geddit?). Hoping that his grandson, Dennisovich (his vampire name) will continue his legacy, Dracula gets worried when Dennis (his human name) doesn’t show any sign of being a vampire while Mavis is adamant to move into the human world. He suggests that Mavis visits her human in-laws while he together with his other monster friends take Dennis to a monsters boot camp. Mavis faces a human culture shock and gets mad when she finds out that Dracula have been ‘trying’ to teach Dennis into becoming a monster. During Dennis 5th birthday, both the human and monster family comes together to celebrate with a special guest appearance, Dracula’s father, Vlad who is a bad arse and hates humans. What will happen when Vlad finds out that his granddaughter is married to a human? Bloodbath or celebration? Jeng jeng jeng
Vampa, Vamma and Vamson? Maybe? 
The first movie was to quote Dracula was just ‘bleh bleh bleh’ but thankfully this sequel in an improvement. More voice talents are introduced consisting Adam’s usual friends such as Kevin James and David Spade. What worked was their voice that matched their roles. I especially enjoyed lil’ Dennis, every word he said is just beyond cute. The storyline is pretty simple for kids to understand and adults to enjoy. Adam’s usual slap stick jokes are here and there so just get used to it. A simple animation to teach value of family/friends this one is.

Guess who!!! 
Let’s just say Hotel Transylvania 2 is an upgraded version of the original Hotel Transylvania if it was a real hotel. Bring your little ones and enjoy your ‘stay’. 

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