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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Pawn Sacrifice Review

Beautiful Mind 
Pawn Sacrifice Review – Think chess is just a game?
Bravo Tobey!
Bobby Fischer (Tobey Maguire) is obsessed on becoming the world’s youngest chess champion and set upon a journey to compete with the world’s finest. The side effect of his obsession is his erratic behaviour. He is convinced that the Soviet Union and even United States are conspiring against him. With his unpredictable manner will he ever be able to be the best chess player or fade into insanity?  
Chess is life
Tobey Maguire gives one of his best performances ever. It is both so inspiring and annoying to watch him trying to make sense of the chess world. One moment he is so nice and within few seconds he turns into a maniac. Some historical footage used might interest history buffs to give this movie a watch. The pace of the movie is kinda slow but worth the wait.
Indeed it is
Friendly warning – make sure no noisy ‘creature’ are seated near you when you are watching this film. I (once again) had the un-fortune luck of getting a moron who would not shut up on the next seat. Trust me, if murder was not a criminal offence, that moron would have end up dead. There is a scene in the movie when Bobby almost goes insane trying to get the quietest room to play and I could so relate to the situation while watching this movie. It’s a must watch for those who still play chess (as in on a chess board and not your tablet) as the movie is based in true story.    
P/s - Thank you Klips for the preview tickets! 

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