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Monday, 4 July 2016

Central Intelligence Review

Hands up!!!
Central Intelligence Review - Another action-comedy buddy flick this time combining The Rock and Kevin Hart. 
Let's get some laundry done shall we? 
Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart) was the MVP during his high school years while Bob Stone (Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock) used to get bullied. Despite his fame, Calvin never treated Bob in a bad way and years after graduating, Calvin settles down as an account and lives a rather boring life until Bob sends him a friend request on social media to hang out. From the word get go, Calvin’s quite is about to turn into a world full of spies, shooting, blasting and what not when Bob tells him that he is a secret agent being framed for a crime that he did not commit. Can these former high school friends work together to solve a crime or end up behind the bars? 

Dude....what do you mean I'm not in Fast & Furios 8?
I am not really a big fan of Kevin or Dwayne but their chemistry in this flick is amazing. They compliment each other rather well to make you laugh out loud with their antics. Story wise, it’s pretty simple and a fun overall. Not much brain power is needed to crack the case. Get ready to let out a few loud chuckles and you will enjoy this film very much. Despite being kind comedic there is also an important lesson about what bullying does to a person. 
Leme give your some Big Johnson love instead Hart! Hehe
Go grab your buddy and have fun at the cinema with this one. Guaranteed to make your time and money worth while. One of the better popcorn flick to hit the big screen this year. 

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