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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Our Kind Of Traitor Review

Get ready to be thrilled...slowly...
Our Kind Of Traitor Review - A game of cat and mouse between the Russian Mafia and British Secret Service that accidentally involves a British couple. 
You don't want to mess around with Dima! 
A couple having relationship trouble, Perry (Ewan McGregor) and Gail (Naomie Harris) comes across a Russian Mafia, Dima (Stella Skarsgard) while holidaying in Morocco. They unintentionally get embroiled in a dangerous world of white collared criminal activities involving some people high up in the government. Pretty soon the couple finds themselves having to choose between walking away from getting into more trouble or help a friend in need. Every single decision and action will determine who lives and who dies. 
Troubled couple gets into more trouble
The movie’s pace is slow so one needs the patience before it starts to pick up mid way. The story however is very interesting to watch and quite relevant to todays world. It may seem like a work of fiction but watch it and you are bound to think that it may not just be story for a film (*cough Panama Paper *cough). Casting of the right actors made it barely to sit thru. Stellan was spectacular as the Russian Mafia who in no time will get you rooting for him despite his dark history. Ewan meanwhile is still the charmer as he has always been coupled with rising star Naomie. Besides the acting chops, we also are taken around the world a bit travelling from Marrakesh, Paris and London to name a few. Watch out for the ‘colourful’ language though!
...know your enemies...
Overall i enjoyed this film but it could have been much better crafted. It may not suit everyone but those who want to watch, think and talk about a movie after walking out of the cinema might find it rather interesting. 

Trivia - Both Ewan and Damien Lewis are rumoured to be in the running for the role of new James Bond while Naomi is the new Miss Moneypenny in the current James Bond franchise.

P/s - Thank you Lau for the preview passes.  

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