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Monday, 4 July 2016

Independence Day: Resurgence Review

Happy 4th of July Earth!!!

Independence Day: Resurgence Review - Guess those fugly motherfucking aliens didn’t learn their lesson first time around.

#amekko ko KLCC hancusssss

The date was 4th of July, the year was 1996. The whole world was almost destroyed after a surprise attack by an alien race. The human race however survived and learned to work together since that day. Fast forward twenty (20) years later, an ancient alien portal activates itself. It brings David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum) to Africa only to suspect that the same aliens are on their way for another shot to ’steal’ the planets molten core as fuel for their space ships. All hell breaks loose as the nasty visitors begin to destroy our iconic landmarks (blink and you will miss our very own Petronas Twin Towers come crashing down). All the while Levinson along with former President Thomas Whitmore (Bill Pullman) and Dr. Brakish Okun tries to find another way and more information on the aliens intention and way to defeat them again. Once again it will take the effort from the whole world to get rid the menace and rescue humans from the brink of extinction. 

The cast...the old and new and the one who is gonna survive and die. 

Noticed how I ignored that fact that Liam Hemsworth was also part of the movie? That’s because his role and any other characters played by the rest of the cast were reduced to a mere extra to fill in the gap. Even if they were to have anything to say or do, it didn’t make much difference. This sequel seriously lacked what made the first one so memorable, i’m not just talking about the special effect which were plenty but what it missed this time was…Will Smith and his wit. There were no sense of ‘will’-ness if you know what I mean. We however get to see the Queen alien clearly and boy, make sure you are not eating anything during the reveal because that is one fucking ugly Queen I tell ya! Beside the lack of hero to root for, the special effects felt so 1996. Twenty (20) years is a very long time for a counter attack you stupid aliens. Just for your information, we have already watch our iconic buildings taken down by humans you idiotic extra-terrestarials! Come up with better attacking plan or don’t bother at all next time ok. those buggers are back again for more ey? 

I was blown away by the Independence Day till I remember watching it few times at the cinema back in 1996 but this one…i thanked my lucky stars for scoring preview tickets and not wasting my money for an over hyped flick that fell flat. Resurgence could have been the sequel we deserved after waiting (20) twenty years, instead of going stupidly into the night. Meh

P/s - Thank you Cinema Online for the preview passes.

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