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Sunday, 17 July 2016

The Purge: Election Year Review

Freaking awesome masks worn by freaking krezi people! 
The Purge: Election Year Review - This is the 3rd films of the Purge series and perhaps the last.
Anti-Purges United. 
I did not watch the first two films as I thought it was too violent for my liking but decided to go this third instalment after my friend won preview tickets. From what I knew about the story (if any) is that once a year the already crazy Americans go extra crazy committing all sorts of crime for 12 hours and getting away scoot free. By all sorts of crime I mean even murder is legal and its called Purging. At the beginning it was all fun and games until things get out of hands. Former survivors of the previous Purge especially Senator Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell) who is in the running to become the next President and her Head of Security Leo Barnes (Frank Grillo) have had enough of the purpose of purging taking the wrong turn and is bent on putting an end to it. This cause problem to the “New Founding Fathers of America” (NFFA) who decide to change the system of purging into making anybody and everybody their victims and target Roan. Despite securing herself in a safe house, a double cross by one of the security personnel leaves Roan in a danger just as latest Purge starts to take place. On the sideline is a small time deli owner, Joe (Mykelti Williamson) who had just lost his shop’s purge insurance due to last minute premium hike (damn those insurance buggers!) who decides to protect his shop at any cost and is joined by his Mexican worker, Marcos. As fate would have it, Roan who is on the run stumbles upon Joe and they start to work together to keep each other and the rest of innocent people alive before the night ends with a bang. Can these people survive the night and change the course of history? 
Currently a Senator...but future President...perhaps?
There are no big names to boost this film but those involved are not your ordinary run of mill actors. Names such as Elizabeth Mitchell, Frank Grillo or Mykelti Williamson may not ring much bell but they did give their best performance to suit their characters. Besides these underrated actors, the movie however features some shocking elements to it. I won’t much say much to spoil the surprise but just be prepared to jump off your seat once or twice. It could have been more than few jumps if not for the shoddy censorship job. Words were bleeped, scenes were removed and I almost lost my marbles when an important scene was just yanked off unnecessarily. I could hear to whole cinema groaning in unison for this silly cut when the movie was already rated as for adult viewing. I don’t understand the purpose of rating it for above 18 when even a simple cuss word is bleeped out and making the whole scene annoying to watch. The ironic part was, the Malay translation was spot on to let the audience know what word was censored. Now how stupid is that ey? Only in Malaysia folks! Speaking of which, I’ve changed my mind about this film and going to search for the first two stories to get a better understanding of the whole Purge mania and re-watch this one sans the chopped parts. 
Don't forget to vote....wisely!!!
Ok so I was right about the violence part of the movie which sometimes was quite over the top with glimpse of people’s head getting cut off, bodies hanging by the tree and people shooting and stabbing each other. Like….what the hell is wrong with you nutters? It was ‘said’ that the Purge was necessary to get rid of negativity and anger but kamon…killing innocent people and calling it self-clensing? Good God. Who the hell came up with such idea man? Let’s just hope it will just remain as a movie and no idiotic government will make it reality. Setting the gory part aside, there is actually some message to this movie about how the rich and powerful exploit their status while ordinary people have to suffer the consequences. The real Purge may not be happening out in the open but there are places around the world that falls victim to morons with an idea to get rid of a race or nation for the sake of their own stupid beliefs. Let’s hope that the power of love will prevail in the eye of the evil.

P/s - Thank you BB for the preview passes.

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