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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Diana Review

Giler sama kan muka?

Diana Review – I remember crying my eyes out when I heard the news of her passing in 1997. She was 36 when the tragic accident claimed her life. I mean 36! That’s not an age to die certainly not for such a nice person like her. Say what you want about her, but we might never get to see a Princess like her ever again. She truly was Queen of the Heart, at least for me. I only wished I had the chance to meet her. I was excited when I heard a movie is gonna be made about her but honestly this film let me down a bit as it focused too much on her vulnerability. It portrayed her as an ignored puppy waiting to be adopted only to be dumped and hurt again and again.
Diana would have been proud of Naomi I guess.
The movies starts off with dreaded night at the tunnel in Paris, I was already cringing because I didn’t want to see ‘that’ scene again. It still makes me angry, the way she was ‘hunted down’ by the ruthless paparazzis just to increase their sales which ended with such a tragic loss. Thank God, the Director decided the ‘rewind’ the timeline back to 2 years earlier where she met a Pakistani heart surgeon, Hasnat Khan (Naveen Andrews) and fell head over heels for him. Diana (Naomi Watts) even went all the way to Lahore, Pakistan to get his mother’s blessing. Unfortunately there were too much barriers and the two lovers never got to solemnize their love. This movie concentrated much of the story during her difficult times of having to face the press after her divorce with Charles and her ‘sensational’ interview with BBC network with some tricky love she had for Hasnat. 
Dedicated Mom she was to her boys!
Naomi Watts must have studied Diana’s every moves because there were times when she really looked and behaved like Diana. Her poise, hair style, dressing, talking, walking was like Diana in her was finally coming out. I even felt sad and sorry when ‘Diana’ was falling apart despite being loved by many but kept getting disappointed by those who claim to love her. Sigh…what a life she had ey? Naveen on the other hand made me want to reach into the screen and smack him every time he was rude to her. Reminded me of so much of some one that I know. Bluergh….bongok punya jantan. If you love her, then nothing should stop you right? I mean if she is willing to give it all up, then apa masalah engkau? Bluek. *Lepas geram sikit, sorry.
Idiots that 'killed' a precious life
Anyway, we all know how the fairy tale ended 16 years ago. I’m not sure how things would be if she was still alive now. Would those darn ‘scavengers’ (Read: Paparazzis) have ‘killed’ her one way or the other? Would she have got married to Dodi? Would she still be longing for Hasnat's love? Would she have found another love? Guess we will never know. Let us remember as her a person who was passionate about loving everyone she came across. The end credit showed what different she had made in such short time she had on Earth. May God bless you. Rest in Peace, Queen of Hearts.  
Flowers laid for Lady Diana outside Kensington Palace, September 1997.
P/s - Thank Pat for the preview tickets 

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