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Thursday, 10 October 2013

What does traveling mean to me? #TSBreakaway

What does traveling mean to me?

Hmm…before I delve more on that, let me take you to the first country I ventured outside of Malaysia. It’s none other than our Northern neighbor, Thailand. 
Love a first travel! I heart Thailand!
My first trip and my following trip to Bangkok, Thailand 10 years later!

It was my first ever voyage that came at a perfect time, I had just lost my Grandmother and The Land of Smiles literally brought my smiley face back on. Since then I fell in love with this Kingdom and by God’s blessing I manage to return there quite often. More often than any other nation.
Wonder's of Nature preserved well here!
That trip kicked start my passion for traveling as it was my first time on an airplane. Ever since then I long for the next time I will be able to board and soar the sky again. Flying is not the only way I enjoy traveling; I also like to try my hands on bus, trains, walking (been doing that a lot lately) and other mode of transportations whenever I get the chance as long as I can reach my destination. 
*Que Seal's 'Fly Like An Eagle' song......
Traveling to me signifies leaving the comfort of my home and face new challenge in a new environment while exploring hidden gems at each place. It would mean even more if I could make new friends (either with an individual or an animal).

Say hello to my 'friends'!

What would be even awesomer is if I get to take a trip with a bunch 'krezi peopen' (ehem!) or just a single nutcase (ehem ehem) travel buddy or heck even just by myself so I can get away from the normal routine. 
Act silly, be silly, janji happyyyyyyyyyy! :D
It's all about the chemistry so you can enjoy 'katak kao kao!
Solo or group tour is fine by meeeeeeeee!!!

I say this because I’ve been through all 3 kinds of journey and each offers a different perspective. Around big company you get to enjoy/endure many antics filled by different personalities while with just one person accompanying, you get to ‘see’ the other side of him/her whereas taking a trip by oneself offers some ‘me’ time. Personally I’m ok with either one because I can be both fun and annoying. Just ask the ‘victims’ who had to spend time with me and they will vouch every word I say! Hopefully they will have positive things compared to complaining how irritating I can be.
Precious memories are made of this.....
Throughout my journey exploring the world, I’ve been blessed because most of the places that I wanted to go were by winning competitions. Some might say I’m lucky to win such amazing outing but I think otherwise. They have no idea the effort I put in order to make my dream destination a reality. 
Blessed to have experienced all this with hope of more to come

The current world situation has made it easy to get from one point to another. One day you are ‘Down Under’ and by the next day you are taking a bite of ‘The Big Apple’ and how I wish I could travel all the time. Just leave everything at the drop of a hat and strike off as many countries as possible from my bucket list.  
I wish I could go where the wind takes me...North, South, East or West

My favorite place to hang out is by the beach, I can’t swim but I simply love the Sea, Sun and Sound of nature compared to the concrete jungle. I could spend hours…days just staring at the oncoming waves; there is just something about God’s creation that is so wonderful that I can’t put it into words. My favorite beach location? Maybe you can guess…anywhere involving Thailand shores makes me feel like I’m in paradise. However I do enjoy the occasional gaze at city dwellers with their rush hour journey while thinking about my own mundane life once the holiday ends.
One with the Nature is where I long to be
Just getting away for a while makes me feel refreshed. I get to do things I can’t normally do, eat the food I can’t get elsewhere, meet interesting characters and hopefully strike a friendship that lasts a lifetime. 
Fooooooooooooooooooooooood!!! Yummy Fooooooooood!!!
Take me with you wind....blow me away.....

Fine dining or street vendor is ok with me, janji kenyang! Burp!!!

Tell me if there any other way to do all this other than packing your bags with your passport intact and ready to encounter whatever the cosmos have planned for you to face!         
This is one of those in-your-face-experience I'm talking about!
Imagine waking up to this on a long haul flight!!!
Tak ke tergezut beruk?! :P
One of my must get souvenir! Fridge magnetssssssss
Besides traveling outside border, life itself is a journey so it’s up to us to make the most of the time we are given. Try to absorb and experience all the wonders God created, good or bad so you can teach or learn from it. 
Explore & Experience

 You only have one lifecycle so grab that chance to discover the wonders of our planet. The world is one’s oyster so travel near, travel far, just get your arse off the house and explore.
*Que Lenny Kravitz's Fly Away song....I want to get away...I wanna fly away.......
T – Travel
R – Runaway
A – Always
V – Venture
E – Experience
L – Life! 
It's a small but beautiful world after all......

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