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Friday, 11 October 2013

#Sweaty Singapore (Missing bus, Big Bang, Walking in Lion City and such....)

I have no idea why, apabila I travel with this particular nutcase, (Read: Bella)  - sila rujuk gamba di bawah
Ehem...I snapped this picture tau!
I always end up getting ‘wet’ one way or the other. (Get your dirty mind off the gutter you hamsap monkeys!) I’m not talking about ‘wet ehem ehem’ but basah either sebab kena hujan or peluh sebab panas giler! When we went for our quick getaway to Holiday Villa, Subang she informed me that she had won contest to attend concerts by The Killers, Rihanna and Justin Bieber in conjunction with the 2013 Singapore GP. Fuh! Can you say JACKPOT??? Tapi minah tu bukan nak tengok those 3 acts, she was more interested to watch sissyboys from Korea called Big Bang…particularly mamat bernama TOP…Tabi….ntah sumting. I told her few months ago that they were coming down to Singapore so dia dah angan-angan nak loncat tengok that dude move his thushie. lah
Tak sangka pulak she got picked as the winner and bigger surprise what when she asked me if I wanted to ikut dia. After our #WetPhuket haritu, my cuti dah tinggal 2 hari je…so kalu pegi trip ni…dah abis my cuti lepas ni, but then it was a too good not to pegi kan? Dah orang ajak…aku pun dah lama tak tengok Rihanna perform and it’s not like she’s gona come to KL to perform anytime soon. So…apa lagi…apply cuti…next thing…nangis tengok duit tabung lagi…time to burn more moolah…what with the damn currency exchange yang ‘sohai’ – pun intended giler! Cipek betul! I changed almost RM400 and got only SD150++ jer. Huhuhu….but dah stand by some money in my credit card coz the first thing that came to my mind when she mentioned Singapore was Universal Studios!!! Been sometime since I went thr so might as well jenguk kan? Nasib baik Bella agreed to it!
Few days before we were to travel, I entered a contest and won tickets for a show called ‘1 World Music Festival’ featuring Steve Aoki, N.E.R.D., Snoop Dogg and few other big names to be held same days as the F1 concert so I thought I could sell the tickets and get some extra dollars to spend. Get SD100 oso ok lar kan?  I contacted my friend in Singapore and told him to ask if anybody wanted to buy the tickets or not. In the meantime, another krezi monkey mula meroyan sebab she joined like every contest to catch The Killers in KL but unfortunately didn’t win any so with Bella’s permission I asked Sarah if she wanted to folo us ‘down south’ so she could see them perform one day ahead in Singapore, because Bella and I don’t really layan their songs. We had planned some other things to do on that night. (Again…no noti business ok…this post is rated for bacaan umum, sekian). I tell you, punya lah happy budak tuh, sampai nak cium kitaorang tuh! Heyyyyy…..that’s what friends are for kan? So dah set! Sarah will follow us and she recruited Maryam to join us like in the very last minute. That turned out to be a blessing because Maryam helped us to sort out the accommodation for Friday night. 

The thing is Bella won all expenses paid trip for two persons (return flight, hotel stay, ground transportation and entrance for the F1 qualifying and race night access cum concert pass) but we could only check into the hotel on Saturday night. Since the Big Bang show was on Friday night we had travel to Singapore by ourselves and stay one night on our own. 
Singapore bringing out the big guns!
We opt to take bus on Friday morning so on Thursday after work, Sarah and I went to Tasik Selatan bus station to buy our tickets. It was however not before me finding out that the ‘1 World Music’ had been cancelled! Wherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtttttt…..bongok betul ah! Since I was so mad…I left the tickets inside my office drawer. Anyway, we bought our bus tickets and then head home to pack and get ready for what would be another krezi ‘sweatventure’.

I’m not sure what time I dozed off till I woke up at 6 something to find out that Sarah was already waiting downstairs for me to go to the bus station together. Fuh! Semangat seh! After I got ready we went on our way and Sarah just happened to ‘experience’ something on her way to my place…hmm….ooooook….maybe it’s a sign or something but…ntah….I’ve lived in Sri Petaling so long and tak pernah pulak saksikan kejadian seperti itu. Once we reached the bus station, we saw 'Hermione' in her 'Gryffindor' jacket…eh…silap…it was just Bella rupernyer! Eehehehe…only one left was Maryam. She told us that she had left Subang at 6.30 am and still on her way. Bus dah nak jalan at 8.30 and minah tuh still stuck inside the KTM! Rasa macam joing ‘Amazing Race’ kejap. Unfortunately she couldn’t make it on time and missed the bus! *facepalm!

The 3 of us had no other choice but to board the bus first and gerak dulu. The ride was…ermm….let’s just say; I won’t use the same bus company service ever again. What with its stupid rocking chair and loud air con. Rasa macam nak sepak jer owner company bus tuh. Dah tuh…tengah try to ignore the flaws and tido…tetiba bangun tengok depa sempat pit stop kat bengkel pulak! Grrrr….bongok betul. Anyway, what to do? Dah beli tiket kan? Our adventure however was no match for Maryam’s bus ride. Yang tuh siap condemn tepi jalan sumore! Kesian budak tuh. We finally reached the border and it was freaking hot! Rasa macam mata nak keluar soket hot! 
Hello neighbouROARRRRRRRRR!!!
I’ve been to Singapore like a gazillion times and I have no idea how on Earth did I mark ‘Yes’ in the arrival card for the question asking…'Have you ever been prohibited from entering Singapore?’. The immigration officer looked at me one kind and asked…‘Yes or No’…I was like…‘Apahal lu mamat?’….tengok-tengok….rasa nak hempuk kepala kat dinding masa tuh gak! Malunyerrrrrrr…..bluek bluek bluek

The bus dropped us and since Maryam was nowhere nearby…we took cab to our ‘home’ for the night, nifty Backpackers Hostel called Traveller’s Inn. It was SG30 per night, quite a good deal if you asked me. 
Highly recomen tempat ini!
We settled down and wanted to wait for Maryam but perut dah mula sing so after finding out that Maryam was almost near, we ventured outside to find foooooooooooooooooooood. Tak jauh jalan, we bumped into Maryam. Peluh-peluh and she told us her short encounter with Singaporean authority . She travelled with pepper spray, so kena declare, tu je, no biggie. Nasib baik! Lepas she dropped her bag, we continued to walk till we reached a mamak/Indian shop. Wanted to walk further but the Sun was just burning us. Masuk dalam, I ordered nasi goreng, Bella had mee goreng while Maryam and Sarah shared Murtabak Kambing. Beh tahan the food, the owner was quite friendly also. 
Bapak banyak Nasi Goreng dia!
Sambil makan tuh, beruk Bella ni dah tak tahan her excitement, her friend’s husband helped her to get Big Bang’s pass and once she got hold of the pass, muka bukan main ngko! Sampai aku sorok handfon dia pun tak sedar. Kalah kid in a candyland!
Maryam dok sibuk amek gamba kaki orang....obses katanyer! :P
After mum mum, we jalan balik to the hostel, tak sanggup nak lepak luar lama-lama, hence we decide to call this explorasi… #SweatySingapore! After mandi’ng, we keluar balik. I saw the update yang the cancelled concert tuh was fake! Yarabiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! Punyalar geram aku masa tuh sebab I left my tickets inside my office drawer remember? Tahan marah tuh sebab one site says cancelled another says on…waddeeee…mana satu neh?
*aculi we took this photo on the day Sarah and Maryam nak balik KL
Anyways, screw that, us four chickas looking for some fun in Lion City. One chicka oredi on cloud 9! We took MRT till City Hall and said ‘안녕히 가세to Bella. Muka budak tuh…..haiz…susah nak describe….memang hantu KPop! 
I bet if she could, Bella would have 'songlap' this poster besar balik KL!
 Maryam, Sarah and I continued our ‘sesat and penat’ journey. Changing from station to another. We bought the travelling pass so it made our journey a bit easy plus Singapore punya MRT kan canggih so no complain there. Except that, everybody seems to be on a rush to get somewhere. Tade yang jalan slow-slow. We went to Orchard Road and Sarah macam dah sewel nak makan Old Chang Kee….sampai semua tempat dia pegi carik. Finally we found one and I saw this tiny bakery that sold ‘Mini Rum Chocolate Ball’. Sedap dowh! Lepas rest kejap we continued walking, walking, walking. 
Lost count how many times we board MRT just for that one nite!
Passed by weekend crowd at Clark Quay. Mak datuk hang, sejibik macam kat oversea! So many Ang moh’s! With their drinks and ciggies! Bluek!
Nampak sangat macam jakun kan? ;)
Tengok tuh....there she goes again...

Errrrr.....go figure....

We walked a city that night, gerak from one corner to another, nak pegi tempat lain yang jauh sikit tak berani pulak so we end up lepak near Merlion tapi couldn’t go there sebab closed for the race. Ingatkan can peek from the jalanraya. Tengok-tengok dah kena cover kao kao. Chey. 
oooooo.....poor doggie....gimme a huggie....

Errrr......another go figure photo......

Nice paintings on the wall kat terowong....

We just sat at the bangku and baru nak dengar bunyi kereta F1, dah abis pulak dah! The MC or somebody announced that Big Bang is coming on after this…lepas tu keluar bunyi monyet-monyet Kpop melalak in happiness! I think I heard Bella screaming oso. *angkat kening
Sarah and Maryam dah excited for The Killers the next day!
We layan just one song….yang ada bunyi….Oooo…Oooooooo tuh….lepas tuh blah from there. Duduk tepi Sungai Kelang…eh….silap…one of the River lar…memang happening lar Singapore during F1 season ni. I sorta missed home pulak tetiba. After we lepak lepak, gelak gelak, snap snap gambar, jalan jalan…we finally took MRT back to Lavender Station and waited to Bella. 
Muntah MRT aku kat Singapura ni!
Sarah and I got hungerey…so we ordered some salad from Mary Brown and baru nak duduk makan, Bella dah sampai. Muka dia…hehehe…Nampak sangat she had fun and looked tired too. Lepas dah walap salad tuh. Balik hostel, pengsan lepas layan wifi kejap.
Go figure gamba number 3!
Tergezut beruk aku sat tengok 'bende' tergantung atas pokok kat Orchard Road!
Ok….since people keep telling me I write loooooooooooooooooooooooong post, I shall split this #SweatySingapore posting into few separate ones can? With that stay tuned for what happened the next day!

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  1. More like lagu yang ada "boom shaka laka" <-- TOP ku yang nyanyi.
    Amboi terpampang gambar eden at the top.. Mentang2 lah first day kita kat Singapore kita semua "on a top".. :p
    Ahhh tak dapat dilupakan kisah disana.. Haha.. <3 <3 <3