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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Rush Review

Rivalry at it's best!

Rush Review – If you think the rivalry between Vettel, Alonso and current new crops of F1 drivers are intense, wait till you watch this old school ‘conflict’ between Niki  Lauda (Daniel Bruhl) and James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) set during the ‘golden age’ of the motor racing. Their competitiveness begins as soon as the movie starts with Austrian Niki getting pushed aside during his debut race at the Formula 3 race by ‘hot shot’ Brit James. This though doesn’t deter Niki with his big ambition who then decides to ‘buy’ his way into bigger race by joining the ‘Prancing Horse’ (read : Ferrari). Pissed at the news, James follows his foot step by joining team McLaren and thus arises the Hunt and Lauda ‘race’ trying to outdo each other at every circuit. One single/simple mistake puts them behind one another. However during one the most challenging round, Niki loses his ‘grip’, survives by the skin of his teeth and ends up in the hospital with serious injuries. James takes full advantage of the situation and start racking up the championship points while Niki watches him in agony from his hospital bed. The more James wins, the more Niki wants to get back into the action and he does so in less than 50 days in the hospital and stunts everybody in the business. During some scenes, they look like they few centimeters away from punching each other to pulp but still maintain their ‘gentlemanly’ attitude. Instead of throwing fist at each other, they let their driving do the ‘talking’. Despite their competitiveness, they learn from each and improve themselves. Somehow, Niki picks life over trophy and James finally lands his coveted ‘World Champion’ status.
Perks of putting your life on the line
Don’t let Chris’s ‘dodgy’ hair style on the movie poster to deter you from watching this flick, especially if you are a fan of F1 race. You get to witness how the team work their arse off to create a champion. The rise and fall of races packed with super-awesome camera work (the angle shots are brilliant) and Hans Zimmer sparkles with his remarkable music composition. Ron Howard should get a F1 award or something for directing such a splendid movie. The main actors, Daniel and Chris are in the class of their own portraying legends in the movie. You can feel the enmity between them whenever they appear together in the screen. You can almost believe that they are the ‘real’ Niki and James from the face cut till the hair do, the accent and vibe. Daniel with his ‘knowledge’ about the car while Chris as the ‘face’ of the F1. Their wife/x-wife played by Alexandra Maria Lara and Olivia Wilde respectively added some color to the movie. It also somehow influenced the outcome of the race result.
Got helmet? :)
Overall I was having fun at every ‘curve’ and ‘turn’ this movie took me. I got ‘attend’ races at Italy, Germany, Spain, Japan all at one go and fresh out of my recent night race at 2013 Singapore GP experience (thanks Bella for taking me!) this movie was simply vrooming with astounding visual and sound. I felt like I was there during the race, the pit stop, the press con and what not, witnessing all the action from a close corner. My eyes light up when I ‘saw’ the car up close. The engine roaring, the tires burning, the rain, the storm, the crash…the ‘fire’ FUH! I sat at the edge of my, swayed my head left and right as the machine tackles the race course. I was laughing at the ‘fiery’ lines the characters hurled at each other, holding my breath before the ‘race’ begin. One heck of a movie to ‘make’ me feel so much mixed emotions I tell ya. Coming out of the cinema, I felt like I just walked out of Japan GP finale.
A must attend event for any F1 fan!
This picture deserves a standing ovation and guess what? The crowd did clap their hands after the movie ended and I was one of them. Such gem to showcase the ‘brutal’ reality behind the glitz and glamour of world’s most dangerous and expensive race. I will never watch a F1 race the same way ever again and look forward to the current season finale with my favorite Kimi re-joining the battle (even though Vettel already kinda sealed it, damn you!), but then again, the race isn’t over till the final route, just like what happened in the movie so go Kimi gooooooooo Iceman! hehehe….watch this and tell me you are not satisfied and I will throw you onto a speeding car myself. Just sit back and relax (if you can) and don’t bother bringing the ear plugs because the thunderous rumbling of the engine are the best part, so gentleman (and ladies) start your engine and enjoy the ride.    
Bite me! Experience of a lifetime this was! Vroooooooooom!

 Thank you The Score Magazine for the tickets!   

P/s - watch out for my post on my Singapore GP race soon! :D

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