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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Special ID review

Should have 'stayed' till later time!

Special ID review – Hmm…Donnie Yen…heard that he is quite a big star in the martial art world through his success in the IPMan series. Call me shallow but the only martial art actor I love to watch is Jackie Chan but since there was so much hype about this movie, I decided to watch my second Hong Kong movie after Unbeatable earlier this year. All I can tell you, I would rather watch Unbeatable few more times compared to watching this movie one more time. Why Donnie? Why? I wonder if he watched this movie before deciding to release it.
Donnie and friends
The story is all over the place but one thing for sure, Chen Zilong (Donnie) sure can take loads of beating as much as he gives it. Any ordinary man would have ‘expired’ when get thrown off building, whacked with iron rod but not this dude, he keeps going and going. He can belasah 100 guys at one go oso wey. Kalah Rajinikanth ini macam macha! Now the so called story…Chen is an undercover cop embroiled in the underworld Chinese gangster clan trying to get out and become a police again. He gets suspected as a traitor and have to find a way of not getting caught. His protégé, Sunny, now a big mobster tries to smack Chen once he finds out that Chen is actually a cop. Talk about ‘melepaskan anjing yang tersepit’ man! Last-last kena gigit kao kao. Rest of the movie travels back and forth between Hong Kong and Mainland China and speaking in Mandarin and Cantonese.
Gimme my waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatahhhhhhhhhh!!!!
Nobody else shines except for Donnie who goes around getting walloped and kicking everybody’s arse he bumps into. At one point I could almost feel his pain and other point macam, can somebody hand this guy a punching bag? The dude who played Sunny was cute but by end of the movie he looks like a guy got wrecked by wrecking ball. Meanwhile, the chick who played cop from Mainland….I wanna know what shampoo she uses man…her hair…jumping ke, lari ke, kena tumbuk ke…can still maintain without getting messy. Other than that, the ‘extra’s in the movies must enjoy getting kicked, slapped, smacked around.
Just chilling....
The product placements for this movie was nicely done, with Volvo and Lenovo taking the highlight away from the actors at times. Didn’t spot UOB Bank even though they are one of the ‘sponsors’. The roads and highway in HK and China are also highlighted with some car chasing scenes. Overall…I don’t know what I’m supposed to look out for. Chinaman getting hantam’ed. Cars getting rammed. Chick with her ‘perfect’ hair, Sunny with his good looks…just layan jelah till the end credit. If you gonna start watching a Hong Kong flick I advise you not to start with this one. Bad bad example with Hong Kong aculi producing some good movies amidst this crap of a film. Now where’s my Jackie Chan DVD again…..

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