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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Tom Yum Goong 2 Review

Ready to get 'whacked'?

Tom Yum Goong 2 Review – Hurm…I didn’t watch the first movie so I was not sure what I was walking into but I’ve seen Tony Jaa in his other movie called ‘Ong Bak’ and till now blown away by his fighting skills. Notice I said fighting skill, not acting because all he does is fight, fight, fight, fight, fight…say it with me now…fight!!! At least he is good at it kan? I wonder if we put him in same room as Jackie Chan, who would win…Kung Fu or Muay Thai?
Tu diaaaaaaaa!!!
The story starts off with Kham (Tony) putting a knife against a guy’s throat and ‘slashes’ him before jumping off a tall building. Lepas tu tetiba we are at his ‘kampung’ with his elephant ‘Khon’ who-is-like-a-brother-to-him. He gets an offer to sell the beast but refuses, so the ‘buyer’ ‘elephant-napped’ the poor animal. Kham goes in search of his ‘brother’ and stumbles across a bigger plot involving some nasty ‘black arms dealer’ and few Western Generals trying to disrupt a peace agreement. It’s up to Kham to save the day or perhaps fate of his country.
Kick, whack, punch, smack!
The movie goes on overdrive fighting gear the moment the camera starts rolling. Non-stop smack, whack, wallap, blow after blow gets thrown away. Some acts are down-right ridiculous but add some Thai humor and you might just forgive the trying-hard-to-over-achieve Director. Not sure what was in his mind with scenes like hundreds of motorbike chasing after one fella, ‘reverse bungee bridge jump’, getting beaten to pulp and still standing to take on few more baddies. You name, it’s all there. Heck, Khum’s shoe must be one ‘special’ flame resistant label because it could withstand getting burn and still look brand new.
Stick to fighting Tony!
If you have been to Thailand but have not quite witness the brutality of Muay Thai, perhaps you would want to watch this because it really is a skillful type of martial art. As long as you can ‘tahan’ the cringe on your face trying to imagine how much would it hurt to get thrown away, punched on your chest, whacked on your head, getting your bones broken, you are all good. I can still hear some of the sound, Dush! Bush! Crack! Cruck! Erk! Ayoooo Amma….enough already ler! Tengok je dah sakit. If you had a bad day and feel like whacking ‘the person’ who put you in the position but you are too chicken to do it, just replace the ‘baddies’ face in this flick with ‘the person you are angry about’ and trust me, you might just feel so much better! Ehehehehe *Evil Grin!   

P/s - *Note to self - I miss Bangkok! Must.go.again.soon! 

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