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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Escape Plan Review

Double trouble!

Escape Plan Review – What to do get when you put ‘Jesus’ (Jim Caviezel of Passion of Christ as warden Hobbs) in charge of a ‘super canggih’ prison called ‘The Tomb’ to watch over ruthless crooks consisting of Sly Stallone (Rambo/Rockie but in this flick as wrongly prisoned Ray Breslin) and Arnold ‘susah-nak-eja’ (The Terminator/Governor of California - not a movie character but real life Governor of California mind you!) as Emil Rottmayer with ‘Mr. Jurassic Park’ as the Doctor (Sam Neil) . On heck of fun-crazy-kick arse movie is what it is!
What jailbreak? Try escaping from this prison if you can wey!
Ray is an escape artist who breaks out of prison for a living with the help of his sidekicks. He takes care of the ‘breaking out’ part while his partner secures the ‘the job’ and they receive an offer too-good-to-refuse but with big risk. Ray decides to gamble his freedom and once he is ‘system’ he realize he have been ‘set up’. With the help of Emil, they plan to escape the ‘best prison’ ever created. Together both of them try to outsmart the system with the help of other inmates. With not much time left it’s do or die and to find out who is responsible for their incarceration.
Apa tengok-tengok? Mau escape ka?
The chemistry between Sly and Arnold is so adorable….yeap… I said it….they maybe old but boy they can sit kick some serious arse yo! The acting isn’t half bad, so is Arnie’s 10 seconds ‘drawing’!. They may not have an Oscar between them but who cares because they make big bucks and the new generation of action stars can learn a lot from these two screen legends. Right from their humble beginnings to their break out roles. Their triumph is simply amazing. The supporting cast, Jim…it’s been a while since I saw him and he was great….great guy you would hate in this movie and throw in Vinnie Jones….this dude got so much anger in his role, I’m not sure if he is acting or that’s simply the way he is. Sam Neil…finally left ‘Jurassic Park’ got himself a ‘PHD’ I guess. There’s even this rapper being all nerdy and tech smart that made I like him more now compared to when he raps his explicit lyrics.
Rambo or Terminator dey?
Overall there loads of scenes that will make you chuckle and laugh your arse out. I enjoyed it very much. Sly seems to be making quite a bit of easy going films lately (The Expendables for example) and ‘pandai’ recruit his ‘batch mate’ and make the movie a fun ride. You will root for them and curse their competitors and by the way they work together, you should know that you can’t ‘lock away’ talented actors anywhere for a very long time. They will simply plot make another ‘Escape Plan’-pun intended and find their way back into big screen!     

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