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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Start of Super Spectacular September

Before I step into September, let me start off with 31st August 2013 which started with a big bang (*Disclaimer, I’m not referring to Kpop band Big Bang whatsoever) when Milo, Bella, Sarah, Emily and I decided to join rest of the Malaysians to watch the Putrajaya International Fireworks Competition 2013 by the lake nearby…mana lagi…Putrajaya lar…since it was Merdeka day, Malaysia was given the honor to begin the competition. Our national team did pretty well; too bad we were a bit far so we couldn’t hear the music that accompanied the firework display. However, the bright light did make us go ‘Waaaaaaaaaa……ooooooo…..woahhhh…..lawa lawa, not bad, not bad. Show started slightly after midnight and lasted for about 20-25 minutes after which we convoy in Milo’s car to walap some supper. Here we were, 3 Malays, 1 Chinese chick and Indian girl pegi makan Arabian food, mana boleh dapat union like this? Despite the flaws, moments like this makes me proud to be a Malaysian, may we be blessed with unity forever. Lepas makan, Milo dropped us safely at our respective homes, as in, Bella and I because Sarah and Emily drove their cars. Sampai rumah terus pengsan because oredi 2 am camtu dah.

Ok, let’s begin with September shall we? On 1st September, it was a Sunday and I didn’t have any plan so I thought of just lepakking at home with my kitties till Bella messaged me and asked if I wanted to joing her for Raya Open House, one look inside my fridge and I agreed right away. I got ready and she picked me up from my place and told me that her friend’s house is somewhere in PJ. The GPS was set and we were on our way when it started to pour ‘jungle cat’ and ‘bull doggie’ heavy! Like lebat giler sampai nak tengok few metres in front oso kenot. Nasib baik budak ni is a safe driver so she slowed down while the rain kept taunting us. Kejap lebat, kejap stop, kejap drizzle, kejap macam nak pecah bumbung. We managed to get thru the rain but then the GPS start showing the location somewhere out of PJ, sampai dah dekat The Curve. We silap masuk few jalans and thus begun our ‘Hari U-Turn Sedunia’. First of all, sesat near Kota Damansara so we U-turned balik sampai kat Petronas nearby to check the proper location. Lepas tuh….pusing sampai lalu ‘place-I-used-lepak-a-lot-before’….sigh….very funny sesat God. Missed another junction and yes…more U-Turn and turn and turn and Bella told me that open house was till 5 pm. Tengok jam…4.45 pm…hmm….’How now Brown cow?’ Perut dah lapar…tapi kalau pusing lagi ntah end up mana pulak…so we decided not to pursuit the lost cause. Untung toll operators haritu sebab Bella ‘donated’ loads of money for them.
Hari Hujan Se-dunia! Brrrrrrrrr
Ashraf invited The Peopen gang for a photo shoot and since we had no other place to go, we continued our journey to Rampai Business Park, where his studio was located. All the while, the rain was starting to annoy us. Cuba lar lepak kat rumah, sure not even one drip, ni keluar je baru nak penuhkan quota for a year. By that time, we were oredi inside the car for almost 2 and half hours. Rasa dah boleh sampai Seremban kot! Kepala dah mula weng semacam, so mula go krezi. Turned up radio’s volume and mula karaoke, it was oredi raining so what the heck right? Mula melalak cam orang sewel layan each other’s sewelness. I don’t know how we lasted that long but we somehow did. Just few weeks before that I was on another adventure with Dian to ‘rescue’ Maryam and now this? Hmm…what an interesting bunch of new friends I have gained lately. We finally reached our destination after another mini-sesat session and stopped at Old Town White cafĂ© to walap our lunch cum dinner after being in the car for almost 3 hours! Fon battery hampir nak kong dah. Sambil makan tuh, gelak lagi pasal our adventure haritu till Ashraf joined us for dinner and then we were off for the photo shoot. He was very professional while Bella and I was shy-shy anak kucing kena pose depan mamat itew. Dah tuh his slang bila nak amek gamba tu, takleh tahan woah….vooooneeeee….thewwwww….kekekeke….dono whc country itu slang mari! Susah jugak nak jadi model rupanya. Sekali ‘park’ depan camera baru tau it’s not easy to strike a pose. Nasib Deven was very patient with our awkwardness, kalau orang lain dah kena sepak kot. Abis photo shoot, dah dekat 10 pm plus, no more straying so Bella dropped me home. What a start to September ek? Baru 1st September tuh weh!  
Yup...that's me....

My awesome movie MANIac mode continued when I won preview passes for Riddick on 5th September, bukan setakat preview tickets, since I got second place, Capital TV also awarded me with these goodies: -
1 x Limited Edition RIDDICK Female T-Shirt
- 1 x Limited Edition RIDDICK Male T-Shirt
- 1 x Limited Edition RIDDICK PU Memo
- 1 x Limited Edition RIDDICK Multifunction Tool
jeng jeng jeng.....
Initially, Milo and I just wanted to just collect the prize then chow to visit Bella’s mom who was admitted at the hospital tapi the road condition (read : jemmmm maut!) was so bad so we went ahead for the movie which was not such a bad watch. Thursday started my marathon ‘date’ with Milo after Riddick on 5th; we went for We Love Asia concert back to back on the 6th and 7th at Sepang.
Ready to partyyyyyyyy!!!
On Friday lepas work terus cabut balik rumah with Sarah and Milo picked us up to party with Mr. Worldwide aka Mr. 305 aka Pitbull #dale with Milo’s homie, Arul, we were later joined by Wina and her friend later on. (More awesome new friends I made this year) We layan Pitbull’s Geography, Sex Ed, Foreign Language lesson sampai kenot feel our kaki. Lepas abis layan pegi makan supper near Sri Kembangan and Milo sent us home. Sarah had an early morning so she didn’t sleep over my place.
Terjebak dah!!!
On Saturday morning I went to MATTA Fair with my new travel buddy, Bella. After spending some wet venture during our #WetPhuket mini-break, we somehow developed an understanding of each other’s perangai. So far it’s been good dengan harapan it will stay that way or improve for better. Mula-mula nak ‘survey’ pasal Bali, Bangkok packages, while Bella was on a mission to jejak kaki to Korea. I had a short meeting earlier where I met with Anis so we dragged her along till she went missing few times, by the time we found her, Bella and I dah terjebak beli package for Star Cruise pulak. The deal was too good to ignore, buy one free one and I have always wanted to board the ship, tengok-tengok budak ni pun sama macam aku gak. We didn’t have enuff money to pay so we just made mini-deposit, nasib baik the person in charge was very friendly and flexible. Nampak sangat kena datang balik the next day to pay rest of the deposit kan? Bluerghhhh…..and guess where the destination is? Phuket and Krabi! Hehehe….yup…we are both addicted to Thailand it seems.
Watch out for the krezi nut Korea! She's gonna come thr one day soon!

Lepas dah penat jalan-jalan dalam PWTC, I followed Bella to pay visit to her Mom. Balik rumah pun nanti kena keluar balik so might as well pit stop kejap kan? While lepak sana, Milo called and he picked me up strait from hospital terus pegi Sepang. Perut pulak dah lapar giler so tapau McD from the drive thru, lama giler gak I didn’t eat McD tapi hungry punya pasal, kejap je dah nom nom nom. Sampai Sepang mula sesi melompat tak ingat dunia layan Pop Shuvit (they started their set early so kesian tak ramai audience but still gave their best!) pastu Joe Flizzo create some ‘Havoc’…we moved from one stage to another and later on Afik joined us. Lama giler tak jumpa mamat ni. Lepas geram kao kao ‘play keyboard’ layan one performer after another. Lepas abis show, we go makan supper again at the same place then balik pengsan.
Mani and the bhois babeh!
Sunday afternoon jejak kaki ke PWTC again to pay our balance deposit for the cruise. We bumped into Anis again who were with RAW and Maryam. They were aiming to score for free tickets from Malaysian Airlines booth and guess what….both RAW and Maryam did win (Manila and Kota Kinabalu respectively) We tried our luck tapi ntah tade rezeki but instead we arrived at the booth at the right time and managed to snap picture with MAS Ambassador, Yuna. Ok lar kan? Lepas dah penat tahap zombie we left the place. 
ehem ehem
Monday after work my movie MANIac mode resumed with preview for Paranoia with Milo, Irene and her friend. Not a bad watch with Liam Hemsworth proving he is worth more than his good looks.
Pretty decent flick...
Tuesday came, 10th September, few years back I would look forward to this date, in fact I still do look forward to it and I sent my usual birthday greeting and was surprised I got a reply. Well, that will do for now I guess, rather than total ‘silent treatment’. I just hope things will be back to how it used to be, perhaps next year. After work more movie preview, The Internship…went with my sidekick Milo again and lepas wayang lepak kejap at for supper with Afik. Abis mum mum, balik pengsan. 
More previewwwwwwww

nom nom nom
12th September another significant date, my Appa’s and my soulmate, Ron’s birthday, it’s been so long since I saw both of them, must make arrangement to see them soon.  Lepas kerja….off for another preview…this time Eric Bana was great in Closed Circuit. 
Tengok wayang la...apa lagi?
13th September….jadi budak baik, balik rumah lepas kerja, singgah pasar malam kejap tapau dinner and I bumped into a cutie pie. Nampak aku je, dia punya melalak punyalar kuat….sigh….fineeeeee… smitten so brought her back home. Manja giler budak ni. My kitties pandang jer but nasib no mis-cat-under-standing. 
She made herself comfy so fast!

14th September, pepagi buta, my two big akka’s with their kutties and I went on road trip to Saujana Putra for my cousin sister, Jamuna’s house warming prayer. Punyalar jauh tempat tuh but we made it. Lepas dah pray, bless and mum mum, we cabuts. 
Congratulations on your new home tonggachi! :)
I had to get redy for a short mini getaway courtesy of Bella (again! baik giler kan budak ni?). She got a weekend stay at the newly re-furbished Holiday Villa, Subang. Cantekkkkkkkkkkk…bes gak to getaway in the city kan? She picked me up as usual and tak sampai 1 hour reach oredi. Masuk bilik tengok…one big bed when she requested for two single beds. Intercom front desk and ask for extra bed and waited so long till almost nak pengsan baru extra bed tu sampai. Tengok-tengok macam katil kat hospital pulak….waddeeee….no way either of us gona sleep on that!!! I assured her I won’t ‘do’ anything to her (I was tired anyway…hehehe!) so we shared the bed. Not before pegi rendam because bilik got bathtub! Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Then night time arrived and dah lapar giler so we went to their…hmmm….forgot the name of the makan place but it was inside the hotel so apa lagi? Walap lar….seafood themed night so nom nom nom….boleh tahan tastenyer, yang kenot tahan was the freezing air con! Dah tuh, it started to rain, lagi ler sejuk! We finished our dinner while some of the hotel people checked on us.

Lepas dah kenyang, mula-mula ingat nak keluar tengok wayang kat Piramid but sebab rain and we gi lepak at their lounge to layan some live music. We were quite early while the in-house band was setting up. Dalam sana, again….punya lar sejukkkkkkkk!!! Brrrrrrrr…. I had to run out every now and then to warm myself up. The band started their set. Cool bunch of people calling their band Enava. Lead singer beh tahan seh. They did some covers and the crowd start to come in. Smoke everywhere…bluerghh….but it was still cold. At one point I kenot tahan oredi so I silang my kaki and the gentlemanly keyboardist decided to pinjam me his jacket. Hehehe…poyo tak? Lepas tu baru lega sikit. We layan’ed their songs and tetiba keluar lagu ‘Happy Birthday’. Squint eye kat Bella, dia buat muka bongok dia pulak. Lerrrr…..plan surprise for me…hmmm…got one piece of cake with the word ‘Happy Birthday Kanmani’ written using chocolate on the plate…aiseh…tetiba I shy shy kitten lak…thank you budak sewel, you got me there! I was indeed surprised. The rest of the night went by awesomely and we initially wanted to stay for few songs finally ended up lepaking till the place was closed. We got loads of shout out from the band. Cewah glamer gitew! Balik bilik, pengsan.
Thank you for the suprise Bella!
The next day woke up to a lovely Sunday morning overlooking the highway from our room on the…errr…forgot which floor pulak! After fresh up we went down to the makan place for our brekpas. Sejuk lagik! Adoi….sambil gigil sambil makan again. The spread was not bad, if only they reduced the freaking cold air con. Lepas dah kenyang we took a stroll around the hotel. Tengok-tengok ada jacuziiiiiiii….huhuhu….both of us felt like jumping inside tapi we were not properly ‘dressed’ so ambik gamba jelah….dalam hati dah menangis nak mandi. Then we lepak kejap at the ‘tasik’ and saw some weird looking ‘creature’ swimming….errr….oooook….jom blah since the Sun start to burn us. 
Huhuhuh.....tengok tuh!!! Tak ke best? :"(
Balik bilik, ‘on’ tv….Titanic was on….hmm…ok Bella please call front desk and ask if can extent our check out lagi sejam tak….nasib they agreed so both of us layan Leo and Kate…we made it to almost the sinking scene and it was time to bid farewell to Holiday Villa Subang. Tetiba rasa malas nak balik pulak….bluerghhhhh….Bella dropped me at home and then I start to borak with Dian and another plan got brewed for the evening part. I had just almost enough time to re-charge my battery and then keluar balik pegi Bangsar and met Dian and Ashraf. Jalan-jalan kejap lepas tuh masuk BSC to…ermm…forgot the ‘makan’ place name again. We were joined by Farhah, the first and last time I saw her, she had ‘bun in her oven’ and now the ‘Bun’ looked so cute! Order mum mum and then Wina oso joined the session with surprise cupcake for my birthday. Mak ai…aku belum tua lagi dah kena celebrate so early oredi. Thanks you nuts for the surprise! Back to back surprise! Me likey! 
Terima kasih geng! Me likeyyyyyyy!!!
Lepas dah borak borak gelak gelak kutuk kutuk I had to chow because I wanted to catch the firework display at Putrajaya, it was USA's turn and I heard the people from Disneyland are in charge so apa lagi. Turun kat Bangsar lrt, switch at Masjid Jamek and another change at Bandar Tasik Selatan to Kajang. I waited for Bella to pick me up and both of us together with one of the brother were off to the Lake. Bella and I looked like zombies but nak tengok bunga api punya pasal pegi jugak.

There were less cars when we reached the place and we notice people were walking away from the tasik…hmm…aik…what’s going on? I thought the schedule said it supposed to start at 12 midnight to welcome ‘Hari Malaysia’, so we just waited while fighting off the bloody nyamuks! The clock struck midnight and nada….nothing happened and we noticed the ‘Tomyam ship’ was not around…waited some more for another few more minutes till the rest of the crowd start to make noise. Nak check online oso, connection cam harem so we left the place in disappointment. After getting a bit further, check twitter tengok there were change in the schedule. The firework display were pushed to an early time as in at 10 pm instead of 12! Bongok betul!!! Buang masa jer! Geramnyerrrrrrrrrrr!!! but what to do? Dah termiss kan? Sigh….stupido! Balik rumah….apa lagi? pengsan lar. Nasib 16th September was a public holiday so I just lepak at home with my kitties resting from all the excitement that’s been happening.

Monday came, 17th September and at 7.09 am I got my first text message from my Big Akka, Miau….yup…I officially belong to another age category…34 to 35! Dayummmmm…..THIRTY FIVEEEEEEEEEEE??? When and how did that happen? Gulp! Anyways, for the first after a long time I was not on leave and got ready for work. On the way singgah temple kejap then masuk office and counting the time to leave the ‘jail’. My Facebook wall almost crashed that day with so much Birthday wishes. Thank you so much for the text, tweet, fb, calls and what not nuts! I truly appreciate it. Lepas kerja terus cabut to Taman Jaya lrt and wait for Bella to pick me to go to Tropicana Mall for ‘About Time’ preview courtesy of Churp Churp. Got our tickets and we went to mum mum at Subway and tetiba tengok Milo was there. Surprise!!! Hmm….rupa-rupanyer dua ekor ni dah plan tapi tak inform me! Good one again! We walap our sandwich and I tried to use my charm to get an extra ticket for Milo for his effort and it worked. We went for a ‘time travel’ with Rachael McAdams and after the movie, Bella sent me home. Oh yeah, Milo bought me a minion plushie….hehehe….tank u dude! Overall it was not a bad birthday, janji enjoy.
Milo tetiba camera shy pulak! Bluek! :P
The next day, after work, more preview…Malavita…hmm…let’s leave it at that. All I can say is the trailer looked better than the whole movie. There were some ‘masalah teknikal’ before beginning of the movie involving change of hall and the show finally started at 10 pm. Bongok betul! Balik rumah dah zombie mode balik.
Yup....more preview....
19th September, lepas kerja, Sarah and I went to Bandar Tasik Selatan to buy tickets for our #Sweaty Singapore adventure. Lepas dah kautim ticket I dropped by Amma’s place for dinner. Sampai rumah, had to do the dreaded packing and I’m not sure what time I dozed off till Sarah woke up me at 6 sumting am. 
4 krezis let lose in SG!
The post on our #Sweaty Singapore will be posted separately because yang ini pun panjang giler kan? So let’s wrap up September oredi ek? 
Not before mentioning a day after I got home from Singapore, Dian won preview pass for ‘The Butler’. Yippieeee… I wanted to watch this movie badly so thanks Dian for passing me the tickets. The movie moved me a lot, must watch if you ask me. I wrote my review so go look for it. 
Thanks Dian the tickets!
My luck to win concert tickets seems to have change from ‘calling radio’ station to entering through website. I scored 2 passes for Arthur’s Day at Sepang. Initially I asked Milo if he wanted to folo me but member now terrer oredi. He won preview tickets for ‘Gravity’ and I was in limbo….’Gravity’ got good review wey….so mana satu lu mau Mani? Hmmm… I agreed to let Arthur’s Day slip but then Pat (more new friend I made this year!) wanted to go so after careful consideration I had let ‘Gravity’ go pulak. I arranged for Bella to folo Milo for the preview while Pat and I go loncat loncat to Five for Fighting, All American Rejects and The Wanted. I had a bad day at the office so I think I made a wise choice by going for the concert. Tengok-tengok Pat can layan my kreziness oso. Awesome!!! We took cab to and from Sepang. Cost us a bomb but it was worth it. Pat spent the night at my place and she fell in love with a kitty I just rescued few weeks ago and wanted to adopt her. Hmm…by all means, silakan because I know ‘she’ will be in safe hands. Yeay….one stray is saved.
One more krezi nut in my list!

We made it!!! Yeeeeeeeehaaaaa

The next morning, we went to walap Dim Sum, it was so good till Pat couldn’t stop smiling or laughing! Gila jugak rupanyer budak ni! Beh tahan! Got home and lepak kejap and then keluar jumpa my x housemate, Nana. Depa belanja makan lunch as my birthday treat. Tima kaseh Dik! Burp! Konyang den! 
Sapa lagi comei?
Lepas tuh, Dian called and another spontaneous plan happened. Dian picked me up from Sri Rampai station and we were off to Publika for some catch up session. Ashraf and Milo joined us later. We bought some stuff at the place and moved to Ampang Point for dinner and then the playing cards came out. Since the place were getting crowded, we moved to another place. Order drinks and mula main bluff lar…tai tee lar…ntah apa-apa lagi sampai dah tengah malam. Milo sent me home and all was well! 
Tu diaaaaaaaaaa.....keluar suderrrrrrrrrrrr

Thanks Dian for the prezzieeeeeeeeeeee!!! Cap LP sumore!!! Owh Yeah!!!

September was simple spectacular!

P/s - I would like to thank all you krezi nuts who made my September spectacular and may we continue to wreck 'havoc' in the coming months! 

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