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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

#SweatySingapore (My home in Singapore aka Universal Studios, Muntah MRT, Justin Biebs, sucky wi-fi at Changi Airport and bye bye Singapuraaaaaaaa…..)


My mood on Monday mornings will usually swing between waking up to go to work or MC but not on 23rd September because I know it was going to be an awesome ‘climax’ to our #SweatySingapore sweatventure. I’ve been looking forward to this Monday since we arrived in Singapore. After a quite disappointing Rihanna’s show the previous night, I didn’t know what to expect of Justin’s closing concert but screw all that because what’s gonna happen before that was more exciting. After waking up around 9 am plus, Bella and I went down to stuff our tummy. Lepas dah semi kenyang, we got ready to muntah the longest MRT ride to Sentosa Island where Universal Studios is located! Weeeeeeeeeehooooo… I was on sugar high from that moment on till I reached Bella’s am-so-annoyed-with-you-I-wish-I-could-slap-you-Mani stage. Sorry babeh but I was just too eager beyond words. I was mumbling, singing, and talking crap, making noise. Too bad Sentosa Island station (I forgot the actual name of the stop) was last in line so the poor girl had to endure my kreziness, till she moved a seat away so she won’t be associated with me in case I get busted for behaving ‘sewel-y’. Fineeeeeeeeee……I put on my headphone and layan myself till we reached to final stop and then proceed to ride the monorail to Sentosa Island. Mula-mula nak naik cable car tapi tengok price…errr…its ok. Lengkali jelah ek. Monorail lagi cepat kot and indeed it was a smooth ride.
Ready for some action?
Once dah sampai ticket counter I just couldn’t contain my excitement! UNIVERSAL STUDIOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS (USS)……AM BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!! This time more prepared! We bought our tickets. Pointers – if you show your passport, you will get 10% discount so the price was SD66, quite worth it if you ask me. Lepas dah dapat ticket, ingat nak snap gamba kat ‘Globe’ tu but since ramai sangat manusia and PANAS giler we just progressed into my ‘home’. Grabbed the ‘time table’. Another pointer – USS have their time table for shows and character appearances so if you wanna snap pictures and catch some shows, make sure you take this piece of paper and plan your schedule. Sebelum sempat nak tengok betul-betul, we saw Po from Kung Panda, amek ko! Terus lari beratur and snap our first picture! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaa!!! It was awesome!!! Lepas tuh jalan slow-slow sambil tengok ‘jadual waktu’ while give chance for Bella to snap some pictures. USS had added few things since my last visit, namely The Sesame Street so we opt to catch our childhood friends show first. Tapi show belum start lagi so just jalan pusing keliling. Soak in all things universal. Masuk dalam gift shop, spotted something for this nut who is krezi about Cookie Monster, tengok harga, ok lah so first purchase done.
Sesame gang!!!
We 'found' the way to Sesame Streettttttttttttttttttt!!!

Since still got time so we took the Elmo kiddie roller coaster ride. 
Siapa nak joing Elmo?
Lepas tuh keluar, duduk ‘tepi jalan’ till Big Bird, Cookie Monsters and the whole gang came out to entertain us. 
Big Bird and the gang!!!
Back to childhood memories again! :)
There was also performance by some B-Boys. Not bad! Nasib baik aku tak joing them and play ‘keyboard’. Ehem ehem. Lepas tuh gi cek Transformers 3D show, waiting time 20 minutes! Hampiak! It’s ok, nanti datang balik lah so then we head to witness ‘storm hitting New York’. I’ve seen it before but it still blew me away. Lari sana lari sini. Keep checking the darn Transformers ride tapi asik kena tunggu jer. Bluek! We went on the lame version of the Transformers ride instead. Kasi kepala pusing sket. 
Errrrr......see what i have to go thru with this nut or not?
Thank God we managed to snap picture with ‘Optimus Prime’ tough! Bella still maintain her ‘machoness’ while I was like kid in a Candyland, trying one gula-gula after another. 
Ready to roll out at USS babeh! :)
Too bad the ‘Battlestar Galatica’ roller coaster was closed. Cilakak betul. We moved on to ‘Ancient Egypt’ and sampai je nampak mamats in kaki panjang tengah posing for the crowd. We started laughing like mad looking at the dudes with their shaven body changing one pose after another. It may not sound funny in this post but you have to be there to get what I mean.
Patut shoot video lar! Next time maybe!
Lepas dah amek gamba with them. I gave more time for Bella to take pictures because lepas tuh kena simpan her big arse camera dalam locker for safety reason! Jeng jeng jeng. She still had her S3 and me with my Lumia. Lepas dah simpan camera, we ‘surrendered’ our soul to Imhotep! I’ve been on this ride before and the last time I took my other friend with me, she almost had a heart attack but after the ride she was all smiles. Jom tengok if Bella does the same ek. I just maintain my muka ‘bongok’ as she would call it. Naik ride and zoom….muahahaha….ITU DIA!!!
Amek ko! Bapak besau statue dia! :P
Derma lar untuk tabung pegi Bali...ehehehe
That gurl finally got into the groove. Keluar tengok the candid shot, I literally gelak sampai terduduk tengok muka ‘bongok’ dia pulak! Wakakaka….we wanted to buy the photo tapi sebijik SD30! Adoi! Stupid currency rate! So….apa lagi….mau naik lagi ka? JOMMMMM….went again and this time konon nak buat muka comei, keluar tengok! ERK! Lagi teruk from before. 
Medjai Macha dey! Don't play-play wey!
Lepas tuh apa lagi, we gerak to my favorite ‘time period’! Jurassic Park!!! 
My favorite movie of all time!!! T-Rex and company!
Weeeeeeeeeehoooooooooo…..since the ride was closed last time, I had no idea how it was gonna turn out! I thought same like Universal kat LA but nope, this one was different. Let’s just say, it was another fun ride with an Aunty from Indian getting soaked by end of it. Hehehe….selamat kitaorang, basah sipi-sipi je.  Next up nak naik ‘Canopy thingy’ tapi tengok line….mak aiiiiii….ramainyer…Its ok. 
Ada berani nak letak kepala kat dalam tak?
We stepped into Far Far Away Land. 
Guess from which movie? Here’s a clue….the first member to welcome us was Donkey! Had few laughs and got out nak tengok 4D till I saw ‘Fairy Godmother’ waiting outside so terus lari and belum sempat pegi kat dia, we noticed ‘Prince Charming’ on the other side. Eeeeeeeee…..emergency break and reroute to him first. Ehem ehem…sambil beratur tengok muka dia….mak ai….hesksemnyer!!! Lagi lah kitaorang dua ekor cair. We were swooning away while waiting for our turn to snap picture and almost melted when he addressed us as ‘Dear’ and ‘Sweetheart’….awwwwwww…..Screw Shrek! I want Prince Charming! He was so charmingggggggg…..we moved on to Fairy Godmother. I must say they are friendly ‘in person’ compared to when they were on ‘screen’. 
Jackpot photo ops! One after another!!! Prince Charming, Fairy Godmother and Puss in Boots babeh!
Lepas tuh baru masuk tengok 4D show. I hampir-hampir nak tertido kejap.Coming out we saw Pinocchio so more photo op! Giler banyak gambar this time! Weeehoooo! Time was envying our good times so we had to gerak faster. Got back Bella’s camera and sampai ‘Madagascar’ sudah. Said hi to Alex and the gang and by then we were drained from having so much fun. 
Why hello there, Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria!
Monkey see, monkey do! uk uk ak ak! :D
We masuk dalam souvenirs shop and tapau some gifts for friends and family. Got out and it was getting dark, lalu Mel’s Diner and since it had ‘halal’ logo. Bella and I bought our dinner and walapped as fast as we could while being watched by some guards because we were the last ones there. 
We iz hungreyyyyyyyy......
Park sudah mau tutup woi! Took one last snap under the Hollywood logo and few more shots at the ‘Globe’ and we were good to go. 
Next up Universal Studios, Hollywood ey? Who knows???!!!
God knows we wanted to stay longer. Oh well, next time maybe. Got onto the Monorail and in no time muntah MRT. Sebab dah lambat we terus pegi ‘Padang’ for Biebs show. However, since the MRT ride was long, we arrived quite late, dah tuh kena jalan berkilometer jauh pulak tuh. When we were close by we heard him sing ‘Boyfriend’, a little closer, he was humming ‘mmm…ah haaaa….hmmm…ah haaaa’….rupa-rupanya nyanyi lagu ‘Baby’. Bella and I despite our keletihan tahap dewa masih can ‘layan’ and gelak.
Penat bin tak larat bin hampir nak mampus
Righttttttttttttttttttttt when we reached ‘Padang’ the boy screamed. ‘Thank you Singapore!’ Lerrrrrrrrr….all that marathon of a walk and we didn’t even get to see the fella’s hidung. The rest of the girls however seemed like they had a time of their life. They were going….’Oh My God Justin I love you’, Justin this, Justin that….hmmm….kids these days….hardcore giler weh! Bella and I were truly tired to our bones. Hampir-hampir nak pakai stretcher. We took a picture with the pass and once again walked a country and made our way to the damned MRT station. Took the train. Reached our hotel for one last sleep. I went on my rendam session while this girl was singing her lungs out. Hmm…padan lar. Dua-dua memang sewel, mana boleh tak ngam kan? As usual, am not sure what time I knocked out.
Amazingly this shot was taken using my Lumia!
Can you spot the Merlion? First time I didn't do my tourist visit there!
Our final morning, we took our time to wake up and yet made it for breakfast. Lepas makan, tapau barang semua, lepak dalam bilik till check out time. Went to drop the key card and came across a poyo guy, sikit lagi nak sepak budak tuh. Memang tak sabar nak balik KL dah. Bosan with the kiasu Singaporeans oredi. 
Comfy bed! Thank God for that!
Shot wajip of the hotel room!
Bluerghhhh….lepas letak barang, since we had few more extra minutes to kill; we went on mini-shopping nearby the hotel. Tapau last minute stuff and headed back to the hotel. 
Siapa mau cover phone? Macam macam ada!
Mampus kalu tapau harimau ni balik!
Our pick up was already there. On the way to airport, we chatted with Minnie. It was my first time at Changi Airport…hmm…besar…looked like another shopping complex. Passed by the immigration, lepak wait for boarding time. 
Hmmm....fix your wi-fi can ah?
They had wi-fi connection tapi lepas dah ‘connect’ still kenot ‘connect’…you know what I mean? Bengang giler aku! Apeda…apa punya ‘connection’ ini macam? Reached the final tempat berkumpul and saw a PC…so…apa lagi? Update final status from Lion City. In no time dah take off. 
jeng jeng jeng.....femes kejap! :)
Sampai KL, we bumped into an idiot moron. Manusia yang tade kesedaran sivik. Ahhh….Malaysia…how we have missed you.
Bye bye Singaporeeeeeeeeeee!!!
Bella’s parents picked us up from LCCT and I got an earful of karaoke session from Bella’s mom belting out song after song. Beh tahan mak dia ni. We went for dinner and shared our #SweatySingapore stories. Makan makan, borak borak, gelak gelak, memang layan abis her Dad, Mom and Brother. Funny family you have there Bella! Lepas dah puas, we reached her house and poor girl had to drive me back home. What a sweatventure it was. THANK YOU SO MUCH BELLA FOR THIS WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE. I WILL NEVER FORGET THE SWEATY TIME WE HAD EXPLORING ONE MRT STATION AFTER ANOTHER MRT STATION. My next visit to Singapore will never be the same again. For Sarah and Maryam, thanks for joing us at the 11th hour and hope you girls had fun too. Till our next voyage! That’s all for now folks. 

P/s - In case you missed my earlier ada di bawah....
Thank you for the good times! 

Next round Thailand again ke Bella? *wink wink Bangkok bound mebbe babeh?!     

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