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Monday, 14 October 2013

#Sweaty Singapore (More sweat, hard luck at Marina Bay, hunt for Hard Rock and sluty Rihanna!)

September 21st every other year before this year, my usual routine on this day would be to call my Mama (my Amma’s younger brother) and have the following conversation: -

Me : Suteeeeeeeeee (means arse in Tamil – sue me but that’s how I refer to him!) Yeppi Birthday! Mana cake?

Mama : (Explicit in Tamil and continue)…come over, I just only makan, kejap lagi got ‘fresh one’ come out!

Both of us : Hehehehehe...

The conversation would continue for a while and I will hang up with a big smile on my face.

Saturday, 21st September 2013 – For the first time in my life, I couldn’t make that call, I still have his mobile number in my phone but it’s been ‘disconnected’. I lost my Mama earlier this year and I started that morning with tears running thru my eyes. I couldn’t help but feel an important person in my life was gone forever. I said a prayer for him and tried to calm myself. Nasib baik the hostel we stayed during our #SweatySingapore sweatventure was in bunk-bed format and I was on the top portion so senang sikit nak cover line after recovering from my slight emo start to the day. 
I miss you, Mama :(
After gosok gigi and mandi, us four went out to cari makan. The Sun was coming up as the heat begins to soar. We walked quite a bit, passed by the shop we had our late lunch the other day and finally came to another Indian shop. Safe bet ma…because most of the ‘kedai kopi’ was Chinese ones. 
Kata kat Singapore, but songlap our negeri name lak! Apa kelas?
Tasty Idli!
We order our food and walap and walked our way back to the hostel. Within that short walk, I was already burning inside out. It was too damn hot wey and luckily the hostel had air con. We lepak kejap and planned where to go, what to do and ventured out to Arab Street. All the while the Sun was hot on our tail. I swear I never had so much of 7 E’s Slurpee as I did during my trip to Singapore! The girls were taking pictures, buying some things while I was trying to hide from the blazing Sun. Sikit lagi siap boleh pitam woah! Singapore….Y u so hot? Or maybe because I hardly go out in the afternoon in KL.
Suda sampai....ready to get fried!!! :P
Bapak besar Masjid ni!
Tengok tuh saiz payung dia! Kalah 'Umbrella' Rihanna wey!
Lepas dah puas berpeluh, we went back to the hostel one last time to check out from there into Hotel Royal Queens by cab. Sampai sana, Bella and I took the keycard to our room while Sarah and Maryam lepak at the lobby waiting to the ‘seludup’ed’ in! Hehehe…sampai bilik tengok….wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii got bathtub and the bed….hmmm….boleh kot muat dua orang so set.  Bella and I hampir nak pengsan after our Arab Street excursion so we opt to stay in while Maryam and Sarah masih bersemangat nak go out in search of ‘hipster spot’. After Sarah and Maryam chow, I went dipping into the bathtub till my friend, David called. He was only free for a short period of time to see me, so I got ready while Bella pulak pegi rendam. I was so sleepy and tired but I have not seen him for so long and he was coming all the way from….errr….forgot tapi memang jauh lar so I went lepak with him. We passed by the shopping complex and wanted to lepak there for the air con but then….bosan lar asik-asik masuk shopping complex kan? So David took me to a hawker center nearby to get our lunch. Masa itu lagilah sakit kepala because I don’t eat both pork and beef and guess what is majority of food sold there? 
Tu dia....anytime is makan time!!! yum yum yum
Siap kena sound from David lagi….what to do maaaaa…..I finally settled for Chicken Rice while David had ‘something made out of rice’ and pickles.
Nyum nyum nyum...thank you for lunch David Darling! :)
Lepas dah mum mum, we went back to the hotel, I introduced Bella to him and told her that we are practically like ‘husband and wife’ without the mess! She was like…’Errr…..ok….’ if Bella tade entah apa jadi ‘terjadi’….hehehe….just kidding. After staying for a while the busy man had to leave. It was nice seeing him. Missed him so much. We hugged and said goodbye. Hopefully it won’t take us this long to see each other again. 
Kan dah 'laki bini' oredi! :D
I tapau some rojak Singapore for the missy tapi she syiok nak tido juga, so I oso ikut sekali lar…on our respective bed of coz till Maryam and Sarah returned from their hipster outing. Sarah had some ‘story’ to share with me. Interesting….this girl…ada-ada jelah! Lepas tuh, Bella and I had to get ready to meet the rest of the winners at the lobby and go to the F1 venue. Nasib baik the mrt station was just nearby and in no time dah sampai dah. We took a picture outside the entrance gate and lepak tunggu Sarah and Maryam sampai.
Grandstand tuh wey! Woot! Woot!
Macam pengemis pulak tiba-tiba, because the thing is if you dah masuk dalam, kenot re-enter balik. Hampiak betul Singapore ni. Sambil lepak tuh, we were people watching and I start to miss KL even more. Don’t know why but I feel orang kat Singapore ni macam fake sikit (no offence but just my observation) with their so called higher class than us. Bluek. Gimme KL crowd anytime over this man! Finally those two happy girls’ sampai and Sarah looked like how Bella was the previous night. Sikit lagi budak tu dah French kiss both Bella and I. Errr….good luck Maryam! Lepas dah pass over the…errr….passes. I was under Bella’s mercy. We begin our ‘walkathon’ and ‘mrt’hon’. Budak tuh dah tapau her big arse camera sebab plan nak pegi atas Sky bridge at Marina Bay to shoot some picture and video as well so we made our way there only to be disappointed that the place was closed for private function. Laaaaaaaaaaarrrrr….dang itttttttttttttttttttttt!!! So close yet kenot get in daaaaa….. What to do? So we diverted to masuk inside Marina Bay shopping complex itself and went near the Big White Lotus Flower tuh. 
Credit given when it's due, the view was simply breath taking!
We could see the Grand Stand seats for the F1 from where we were. The view was just awesome giler. If only we could have made it to the freaking bridge! Cilakak betul. Makin lama berdiri sana, makin geram pulak so since the tummy was singing, we had our dinner at the food court. Sebab dah lambat dapat macam saki baki makanan jelah.
Any guess which 'Channel' logo is this?
Passed by the Casino tapi minah ni bawak camera besar dia and didn’t carry her passport so yang tu pun kenot enter. Hmm…apa lagi can do? We just jalan-jalan sikit, buat lawak and head to back to the hotel. Sampai hotel, Bella lepak kejap sebelum pengsan while I went on my ‘pruning session’. Tak lama lepas tuh, both Sarah and Maryam was back and Sarah macam baru balik dari Candyland! Smiling from ear to ear. Ok lah tuh…happy kan? Dapat two-in-one deal? The Killers and F1 qualifying round. Lepas dah calm down sikit we finally hit the bed ntah pukul berapa. Sarah shared bed with me while Maryam bunked in with Bella till the next morning and it was time to say goodbye to the girls. 
From Krezi Krabi to Sweaty Singapore, lepas ni mana ek?
Bella and I had our first breakfast at the hotel, let’s just say the spread was so-so but still edible. Lepas dah mum mum Bella was on a mission to hunt for ‘Hotel Batu Keras’ t shirt so we commenced ‘folo her Samsung GPS direction’ to find Hard Rock Hotel….If you thought we walked a city during our #WetPhuket trip, this time we walked a ‘COUNTRY’!
Nope, we are not in Japan!
Despite the canggihness of their MRT, I was getting bored of boarding the blardy train over and over again, nak naik teksi poket pulak menangis. I must admit I was getting kinda ‘complain-y’ around that time. Guess I miss KL’s slower phase. We took the MRT and it was a Sunday and mak datuk hang the city was ruled by the Pilipino maids! Mana-mana pun nampak muka diorang jer. We got down, ntah kat mana and started to ‘walk’ ikut direction GPS till ntah sampai kat mana dah. Kaki dah penat hampir tenat but what to do….ikut jelah. Jalan-jalan punya, we finally made it to the dang place! Air con!!! 
Tu diaaaaaa....sampai jugak akhirnyer!
preng preng prenggggggggg
We went way off the real route wey. Aku sikit lagi hampir nak bunuh Bella! Lepas dia dah happy beli the t shirt, we walked some more, some more, some more! Sampai dah dekat Paragon the other day so I bought the ‘Rum Balls’ again. Yummy. Lepas tuh tengok kat luar. Memang rasa macam kat Manila wey! They occupied every single corner. Tak sanggup nak join the crowd we blah hotel balik.
Some interesting 'sculpture' along Orchard Road!
Ingat nak 'drive' balik but tak jumpa kunci pulak! hehehe
After relaxing for a while, time for roll call and ‘muntah’ MRT balik for the race cum concert night. 
Precious pass!!! 'Mani' can't buy!
Due credit again. Signboards at proper place.

I’m not sure which one I was looking forward to, the F1 race or Rihanna’s concert but one thing for sure, it was all mixed emotions for me.  It was my first experience at a night race, heck I’ve not even seen the F1 properly at Sepang (went once but the blardy race got cancelled after few rounds!), apa lagi to come all the way to Lion City for the freaking night race! Thank you Bella for this opportunity! I truly appreciate it. After ‘shooting’ a short video, we went to the Grand Stand seat and parked our arse. 
Look Maaaa....we made it! Thanks again Bella!!!
jeng jeng jeng....or should I say....vroooom vroooooom VROOOOOOMMMM!!!

Ear plug advised!
I was like….waaaaaaaaaaaaa…..what a view man! Just the other night we were on the opposite and the view over this side was even awesomer! The race started and we tried to snap some pictures, I was getting excited because ‘Iceman’ was slowly climbing his way up from 13th position! Woohooo! 
Singapore at it's best!
After sometime, I lost count who was leading so we went to the place to party with Rihanna. Not before stopping at ‘corner’ just in time during the ‘safety car’ for little bit more video shoot. 
Kan dah kata view awesome giler kan? Too bad this was the best my Lumia could do    

Muahahahahaha.....i izzzzz happyyyyyyyyyy!!! Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Sampai kat ‘Padang’, the place where the concert supposed to happen. Depan stage dah full to the brim, tapi belakang kosong sikit but the cilakak people tak kasi masuk, so we just sat a bit belakang lar. We witnessed the race ending with Vettle taking the first place but guess what? Raikonen made it to 3rd place! Woohoooo! You go Lotus!
Lepak dulu amek selfie while wait for Rihanna!
Once the prize giving ceremony was over, the light at the Padang got dimmed and thus begin the show. I don’t know what the *toooooooooot is wrong with these Singaporeans wey. They were not moving a muscle! Just standing there like nak sing their National Anthem. For God sake, it is a concert dey, awat korang diri macam pole jer ni? To add insult to the injury, Rihanna was performing like a drunken monkey on the stage with her silly haircut which looked like it was done by a drunken hairdresser. I almost wanted to climb up the stage and slaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap the silliness out of her. The ‘stiff’ crowd didn’t help my mood at that moment either. I felt like slapping all of them ‘kayu pacak’! Adoi!!! I was membebel’ing ntah apa-apa, lepas geram kao kao for the first half hour of the show. That silly girl was like a …. I have to maintain this post as bacaan umum but if you know me, you can imagine all the ‘good word’s coming out of my mouth. 
Rihanna suda mariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Tapi tade yang menari!!!! :P

It was only towards last few songs, she did some proper songs but I was really disappointed with her. Nasib baik ler ticket free, kalu kena beli memang dah jerit tarik rambut lari keliling Padang. The show lasted few minutes after midnight and since it was on the race night, there were about 60,000 people there. It was almost a nightmare trying to leave the venue to the MRT station alas we made it and hocked up with the other winners. Unfortunately, we were a bit late and missed the last MRT so balik hotel malam tu naik cab. Paid for so tak kisah lar. Since we plan to go to Universal Studios the next day, we followed Minnie to her room to get our passes for Justin Bieber’s closing concert on Monday. Yup, I said it….Justin ‘Baby'/'Boyfriend’ Bieber’s show, but not before running around Universal Studios dulu. Wait for it….wait for it….coming up on my next post!   

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