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Friday, 9 December 2016

Marvel's Doctor Strange Review

Say hi to Strange. Dr. Strange

Marvel's Doctor Strange Review – Another of Marvel comic character is brought to ‘life’...yeayyyy...ughhhhh...


Doctor Stephen Stranger (Benedict Cucumber…I mean September…err…Cumberbatch) is a great but egotistical neurosurgeon who never takes a no for an answer. After involved in a horrible car accident, he starts losing the grip-pun intended on his life pretty fast. Left with no choice, Dr. Strange travels to a place called Kamar-Taj after seeing a previous patient of his who was paralyzed regain his ability to be normal again. Little by little Strange finds out about a whole new universe after taking lesson from The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton). A climatic event will finally put Stranger’s will and power against a very strong but dark force trying to take over the cosmos. 

Ready to defend the Universe

Ok credit must be given when it’s due, even though I’m not a fan of Ben Cum (hehehe). He was rather brilliant in the titular role along with his almost believable American accent but sorry man…I still don’t fancy you. My favourite in this flick was the oddball known as Tilda Swinton, this women…finally playing the role that was made for her. Ageless yet adequate as The Ancient One, I can’t imagine anybody else taking on this character. The rest of the supporting roles cast were acceptable and perhaps will get to play a much bigger parts in the coming sequels. As for the storyline…Marvel fans will get what Marvel fans expect. Sadly just like recent superhero releases the villain is once again not as menacing as I’d hope he would be. What are amazing is the special effects coupled with really colourful persona between the galaxies that will simply bend your mind upside down and sideways. *hint - tt’s like an updated and upgraded version of The Matrix and Inception.

Say hello to my special hand! 

Overall it’s a fun and entertaining watch on par with debut of Star Lord in Guardian of the Galaxy. I just wonder when/if/hope Stephen Strange and Peter Quill along with other Marvel characters (namely Ironman, Thor, Captain America, etc) will meet once they manage to their hands of on all the Infinity Stones. 

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