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Friday, 9 December 2016

Incarnate Review

Do you believe in Demon? 
Incarnate – The whole new way to handle an exorcism.
What would you do if your loved ones is possessed? 
Dr. Seth Ember (Aaron Eckhart) has lost faith in God when he loses both his family and ability to walk after a horrible car accident. He however possess-pun intended the ability to penetrate minds of those possessed and help them confront the demon and set them free. Ember does not use the traditional method but rather a scientific approach to ‘extract the dark force’ out of his victims. Although the religious community (Read : The Vatican) does not agree with his technique, they finally seek his help to exorcise a young boy when the case connects to Ember’s history. The new case proves to be a tough task when it becomes a fight for life or death when the ‘extraction procedure’ turns terrible. Can Dr. Ember help ‘rescue’ the boy or fall prey to the demon himself?
Things literally goes upside down. 
Despite not being a fan of the horror genre and having my doubts when I saw the poster and title of this movie, I still convinced myself to catch this flick and it was a right decision. The usually underappreciated, Aaron Eckhart gave one of his best performances in this film and simply carried it on his own. From the beginning of the film we are offered with his brilliance and end it with a high note. The storyline is also totally different from what I’d expected and I loved the fact that the dealing of possession is explained, presented and solved in a scientific way. There are truly some frightening moments (no cheap scare but rather a chilling feel) but it was coupled nicely with other emotions as well. The special effects were minimum and utilised properly to help with the storytelling. Enhanced with skilful sound effects and cinematography, this is one of the best flicks I watched for this year.       

Can Ember save the boy? 
Now…do you believe that a person can be possessed or are they just mentally disturbed? 

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