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Friday, 30 December 2016

Office Christmas Party Review

R U Redy @ Parrrrrrtyyyyy!!! 
Office Christmas Party Review - A Christmas party unlike any other you’ll have a major hangover till the next Christmas!
Party People in the house...I mean office!!! 
Software company, Zenotech run by generous but slight dim Boss, Clay Vanstone (T.J. Miller) is facing some financial problem due to the slow economy. Clay plans the annual office Christmas party to keep his staff happy during the down time. He also have to face with his competitive step-sister, Carol Vanstone (Jennifer Aniston) who in bent on shutting his branch down. Along with his other employee, Josh (Jason Bateman) and Tracy (Olivia Munn), they try one last time to land a contract with a big client by inviting the ‘buyer’ to attend their party to ‘see’ the company. Unfortunately all hell breaks loose when things get out of hands. The office is ruin, the deal goes south but can Clay save his staffs from getting fired or will he be out of a job himself soon?
In full swing!!! 
With rather impressive cast namely Aniston, Bateman, Munn, McKinnon, we get to see variety of characters. Jen Aniston stands out as the mean step-sister while hoping Kate would light up the party but instead, the Director just made her to be annoying as the HR Manager. The rest of the cast were ok…yeah…just ok. The storyline were all over the place and no thanks to our censorship board, the best (read : kinky, dirty) part of the movie was snipped away so some scenes end up being confusing instead of funny. Idiots! This is by no mean an award winning film but just a fun watch to laugh out loud.

Wait...what do you mean I'm not the Santa? 
If you are going to organise any party, kindly take note not to turn it into something like this movie. You have been warned, enjoy but try not to harm yourself in the process. Happy partying people! 

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