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Friday, 30 December 2016

Dangal Review

Mahavir Singh Phogat with his Champions (the younger and older version) 
Dangal Review – My favourite Khan is back with another winner!
Hera meri pyarrrrrr!!! Nyummy nyum nyum 
Mahavir Singh Phogat’s (Aamir Khan) dream of winning the first gold medal in wrestling for his country does not transpire into a reality so he vows to train his son into a champion. That hope also turns into a dust when he becomes a father of four (4) daughters instead. It’s not until his village people complain that his two elder daughters, Geetha and Babita beating up boys for bullying them, Mahavir realize their potential and starts training them personally when the local trainers refuse to teach the girls the proper technic. It proves not to be an easy task as their family is faced with numerous obstacles from people around them. Despite the odds, Geetha starts winning one match after another until she becomes the National Champion. Pretty soon she had to leave her father’s wing and join the National Sports Academy to train with professional coach. This doesn’t sit well with Mahavir at the beginning as Geetha’s performance start to slump when she competes internationally while Babita on the other hand start winning her ‘fights’ and soon joins her elder sister at the same academy. As the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games approach, Mahavir tries to push Geetha to create history. With mounting ressure and caught between following her coach’s training or her father’s guidance can Geetha finally deliver the elusive Gold Medal for India?
Don't mess with the Phogat's bhaiya!!! 
Aamir Khan…what can I blush about this man except that he is one heck of a talented human being? From acting to directing to dancing and now a wrestling under his belt. He will only head to more greatness with every project he is involved and I look forward to every single one of his triumphs. “Meh tum pyar karthi hu Aamir”. Hehehe…with that said…being a sports fan, this movie is a gold medal winner from the word get-go. With brilliant acting, storyline (based of true story), cinematography (those wrestling scene might get you on the floor trying to wrest someone I tell you!) catchy music…this film will surely be cherished as a classic.
...this is not enough...I need that darn Gold Medal ok beti!!! 
Drop down 20 and go watch Dangal meri beta and beti!!! Chal Chal! Challooooooooo!!!  

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