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Friday, 30 December 2016

Lion Review

*Not a movie about Lion, the animal ok. 
Lion Review – Our favourite ‘chai walla’ (Slumdog Millionaire lar dey!) is back with another heart wrenching film.
Little Lion, Saroo
Saroo Brierley (Dev Patel) spends his early years in Indian squatters ‘working’ alongside his brother collecting scraps to make a living along with his mother who works as a labourer and their little sister. One day Saroo gets separated from his brother and ends up in another part of the country and after numerous escapes and surviving using his skills, he finally ends up at an orphanage and eventually gets adopted by an Australian couple in Tasmania. Years passed by with Saroo finally longing to reunite with his real family. Using the help of latest technology, Saroo managed to trace back his ‘home ground’ and makes his journey back to India. Will he be able to get back ‘home’ after all these years?
Will Saroo ever get to reunite with his brother Guddu? 
Be prepared to be touched by this film with solid performance by Dev and also Nicole Kidman. The bond between these two are simply amazing, it’s no wonder they are nominated for the upcoming award ceremony (namely the Golden Globes and Oscar soon I reckon). Credit also goes to the ‘young’ Saroo who captured my heart his innocent yet raw acting talent. The storyline was well adapted from the book capturing the heartbreak and anguish Saroo had to go thru trying to get back his roots. A simple but strong message of mother’s love is also portrayed in this well-crafted film.
Adult Lion and his Lioness (sorry I can't help it! Ehehehe) 
Honestly I was holding my tears back while watching this wonderful movie. If you think you are ‘lost’ try giving this movie a view and perhaps you might get some clarity for the situation you are in.

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