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Friday, 4 March 2016

The Mermaid Review

Here fishy fishsy...
The Mermaid Review – You think got The Little Mermaid meh? The Chinese also have their own ikan duyung ok.
Love at first fin?
A greedy business along with his partner launches sonar that kills any sea creature in order to reclaim a part of the sea. His action endangers the way of life for mermaids living around the area. Their leader sends over one of the female mermaid disguised as human to seduce the greedy bugger but soon after both the human man and mermaid women falls in love with each other. Noticing the difference in his partner’s attitude, one of the business partners tries to intervene. Will this relationship end in tragedy or can they live happily forever?
Mermaid facing her Octo-man leader. 
Just one look at the trailer, I knew I had to watch this movie. With Stephen Chow helming the director’s chair, one can expect a lot of slap stick but funny jokes coming in from every direction. I was laughing so much even though it was just a lame gag. Besides the joke, a lot of money was also spent for the special effects which paid off well by the looks of it. The mermaids and mer-mans looked real, especially the Octopus leader. I’m sorry about not mentioning the actors name because most of them a relatively new, they acting however was good and manage to capture the audience attention. There was mixture of not just Chinese movie goers besides me being the token Indian, there were also Malays in the cinema proving Stephen Chow appeal towards global audience. Heck Mermaid has since now become one of the highest grossing movie of all time (for Chinese category lar) I heard.

This guy was funny as heck! 
Despite being pegged as a comedy, this movie does have a moral to it. That is taking care of our ecosystem before we face more serious environmental disaster by our greedy action towards Mother Nature. Laugh all you want as long as you get the point to preserve our nature before its gone forever. 

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