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Thursday, 17 March 2016

The Divergent Series: Allegiant Review

The gang is back
The Divergent Series: Allegiant Review – More of Four, more of Tris, more of…you get the idea…
Ready for another adventure 
Continuing from my review for the exciting cliff-hanger in Insurgent, Allegiant continues with Janine (Kate Winslate) being defeated and Evelyn (Naomi Watts) controlling of whatever that is left of Chicago. A grim regime similarity soon ensues when ‘trials’ are held to punish former Erudites. Tris and Four however are still determined to make it beyond the wall and *spoiler, they succeed only to discover another plot (not again!) against human kind are taking place there as well. Faced with more dilemmas, Tris has to make more decision and choice not just for her survival but the rest of individual beings.
Ok…to be honest, after the disappointing ending to The Hunger Games series, I’m fast losing interest in this story as well. Mainly maybe because my two favourite people are no longer in this 3rd instalment, namely, Kate and Jai while my other favourite Maggie Q gets killed off so soon before I could even ‘lepas rindu’. Plus the plot that keeps going and going but getting nowhere was also beginning to irritate me. By now, I’m so used to the CGI (even with the intro of ultra-cool drone) that everything feels like MEH. Same goes for the acting, same old, same old from the existing cast except kudos to Miles Teller for being an annoying brat (me likey!). With addition of Jeff Daniels (another casting mistake after Naomi Watts) who looks like his about to break into his Dumb and Dumber role (no disrespect to his talent but he sooooo doesn’t suit to become David) only got me waiting for the movie to end. Nothing new here people, really. ZZZZZZ

Wall climbers...
Just like all young adult fiction novels, "Allegiant" is the final film of the trilogy which will be split into two parts, making it the fourth movie franchise to do so, along with "Harry Potter", "The Twilight Saga" and "The Hunger Games and my question is why? Well, the obvious answer would be to make more money but the downside of it is the once appealing franchise is fast turning into stale leftover milk but that’s just me, maybe. Whatever. #fliphair 
P/s - Thank you Klips for the preview tickets.

Divergent review

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