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Friday, 25 March 2016

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Review

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Review - …so it begins…”the Bat of Gotham and The Son of Krypton face off in an epic battle!” Yeah riteeeeeeeeeeeee…
Red cape man or black cape man? 
The flick starts off from where it ended in Man of Steel, with the city dwellers witnessing Superman (Henry Cavill) battling against General Zod while the city turns into rubble. Bruce Wayne’s aka Batman (Ben Affleck) own building also crumbles with his employees becoming innocent victims which fuels his hatred towards Superman even more. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) loathes both superhero and finds a perfect opportunity to turn them against each other by ‘creating’ a new creature he calls Doomsday. Observing quietly is Diana Prince aka Wonder Women (Gal Gadot) who later joins force to defeat Doomsday. In between Batman and Superman beats the crap out of each other with Superman returning to Smallville to get motherly advice from Martha Kent (Diane Lane) and also his other mission to keep Lois Lane (Amy Adams) out of trouble…(think the usual falling off building, trapped under water) and oh also trying to figure out who Wonder Women is. Meanwhile, Batman also had to deal with his own demons (as in to become a bat or remain human – just kidding!)
...then there's these two...hurmm...
Goodness me…I’m not sure where I should start murdering this movie, I went in with low or rather no expectation after Zack Snyder killed any sense of humour left in Superman with his Man of Steel revival. This time he even got Batman to go ultra-moody and sombre with no chance of us ever getting to see any glimpse of the previous charming or delightful Superman and Batman flicks used to offer us. Adding insult to the injury is turning Lex Luthor into an annoying chatterbox with his eccentric antics. Meanwhile, Lois Lane still remains the damsel in distress who seems to have not learned how to keep herself safe without being rescued by her super alien. The only saving grace was Wonder Women that light up otherwise solemn screen. The story was ALL OVER THE PLACE. The CGI was overused. The acting talents was greatly underused (Read: Jeremy Irons, Holly Hunter, Diane Lane) and yeah I couldn’t wait to leave the cinema, disappointed, once again.

Thank God for this Gal...Gadot! #TeamWonderWomen 
Bring in the Marvel Comic movies anytime please, DC comics is just too damn dark for me and for the love of God, I hope Wonder Women spin off will be better than this crap. 

P/s - Thank you Yes4G for the preview passes. 

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