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Monday, 14 March 2016

The Kid From The Big Apple Review

Locally produced, internationally rewarded. 
The Kid From The Big Apple Review – When young meets old and East and West collides.
Bonding time! 
Sophia was raised by a single father who gets pregnant young and decides to move to New York and live with her boyfriend. For twelve (12) years she lives away from her father until one day due to work commitment in China, she had to leave her daughter under her father’s care who is a respected figure among the local community. The kid, Sarah is at first resentful of everything from moving to Malaysia to getting to know her grandfather to making new friends. She spends most of her time playing with her mobile phone while her ‘Kong Kong’ makes all the effort to make her stay comfortable. Soon Sarah begins to adapt to the new lifestyle while slowly making a deep connection with her Grandfather along with learning a thing or two about Chinese traditions. As time pass by, Sarah becomes attached to her Grandfather until on the day Chinese New Year when they receive awful news. Can this family get reunite or fate will present them with more challenge?  
Bring some tissue or better still a tissue box when you enter cinema to catch this gem. It will tug your heart at all corner and in no time, you will find yourself wiping away your tears. Yes people, I cried too so you know this is no joke. Besides making you weep, it also make you smile thinking about the good old days when kids used to play outside and getting bruised instead of just planting their faces on latest gadget. There are appearances of latest technology (ipod and ipad) but in a form lesson how not to let it take over human emotions. The cast was brilliantly selected with the main kudos going to young Sarah but my personal favourite is Bao. Watch and you will know why. The storyline is very relevant in today’s world which will leave a lasting impact for both the younger and older generation.  

Malaysian pride 
With the school holiday around the corner and the movie winning its well- deserved accolades left right and centre, gather your family and even friends to watch this film. In the current fast paced world, the two (2) hours you spend to catch this cinematic wonder is worth every penny and time. 
P/s – It is a Local Chinese movie which might put off non-Chinese speaking community but the translation was done well so you don’t have to worry about not understanding the story. A definite must-watch and watch again movie in my book this one is. 

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