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Friday, 4 March 2016

London Has Fallen Review

The President's Protector! 
London Has Fallen Review- Mike Banning is back!!!
The who's and who's of the flick. 
After previously surviving the North Koreans attack on the White House in Olympus Has Fallen, once again POTUS, that’s the President of the United State of America (Aaron Eckhart) is under another terrorist attack. This time however, the threat in comes in the form of infamous Pakistani arms dealer Aamir Barkawi seeking revenge against Potus for ‘murdering’ his family using drone during his daughter’s wedding. Only Barkawi and his son survive and they plot to take down as many world leaders as possible in a daring attack in London. In order to execute their plan, they conspire with a mole within the British security force and ‘kill’ the Prime Minister to gather other leaders all at one place to pay their last respect. Despite the tight protection, all hell breaks loose as one after another country leader are either shot, blown and thrown into their death. All except the main target (of course the POTUS lar) survives while being protected by Mike Banning (Gerald Butler). They have to work together to stay alive or face the wrath of a criminal seeking revenge. Can the President escape this time or fall prey to his enemy?
Do not mess with that pout ok! 
If you are into all those ‘shooting’ video games or whatever you call them, you will surely enjoy the bullet count in this flick. Not to forget the body-bags needed to load all the well, dead bodies. Long after the gunfire is over, one might still hear the shelling sound in their head because it seems like all the budget went into ‘buying’ those bullets. besides the gunfire battle, we also get to witness London turned into a rubble when one after another landmark are brought down in a fantastic way, the word fantastic is not meant to sound amazed but more of a shocking style. The team spared no expense on the CGI budget to create ways to blast everything in sight. Acting wise, there are great actors involved but all their talents are wasted with useless lines to focus most on the destruction part of the movie. Get your ear prepared for a lot of loud explosion noise and some gory scenes. You have been warned.
They tried to recruit me, I declined. Hehe 
What is it with Hollywood giving ideas to outsides on how to kill their President? It was intriguing at first but now it is just turning sour with the usual suspects getting blamed for it. First it was the Koreans and now back to what works best, a Muslim terrorist. Sigh…grow up please America. Yes the President is important but doesn’t mean other lives value less yes? From the word get go, one can see who actually ‘starts’ the war, to kill one person a whole family becomes collateral damage. Who in the right mind wouldn’t want to seek revenge over his family’s death right? I’m not saying that it is the right thing to do but we know how human nature works don’t we? Let’s hope this kinda of movie do not turn into a real life situation because then we can really say goodbye to humanity which I don’t mind considering that state of our planet lately but then, that’s just me. 
P/s - Thank you TimeOutKL for the preview tickets.  

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